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A6. The printer in the accounting department has stopped all printing processes. The print queue shows that there are seven jobs in the queue that are waiting to be printed. Which of the following would be the BEST next troubleshooting step?

❍ A. Send a test job to the printer and move it to
the top of the queue
❍ B. Restart the printer's spooler
❍ C. Install an updated version of the printer driver
❍ D. Delete everything in the queue and resend the
print jobs

B. Restart the printer's spooler

The print spooler is the software responsible for storing print jobs and sending them to the printer. If the printer spooler has failed or has stopped, then none of the print jobs will be sent to the printer.


A7. A system administrator has connected an external USB drive to a computer to transfer some documents. When booting the computer, the system tries to boot from the external drive and gives an error message. Which of the following would be the BEST way to prevent the USB drive from booting?

❍ A. Modify the BIOS to boot from the internal
hard drive
❍ B. Modify the boot order in Windows Disk
❍ C. Rebuild the MBR on the external hard drive
❍ D. Disable the external drive in Device Manager

A. Modify the BIOS to boot from the internal hard drive

The boot order is managed in the system BIOS, and one way to avoid the computer from attempting to boot from an external storage device is to move the internal drive to have a higher boot priority.


A8. A computer has been configured with an SSD, a high-end video adapter, and the maximum amount of RAM. Which of the following would be the MOST likely use for this computer?

❍ A. Thin client
❍ B. Network attached storage device
❍ C. CAD/CAM workstation
❍ D. VDI client

C. CAD/CAM workstation

The graphical designs created by a CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) computer requires high-speed SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, high-end video, and as much RAM as


A9. A network connection in a conference room was installed years ago, and there’s no documentation for the cable run. Connecting a device to the cable results in a successful Ethernet connection, so the other end of the cable should terminate somewhere in the wiring closet. Which of these tools would be the best choice to find the other end of the network connection?

❍ A. Cable tester
❍ B. Tone generator
❍ C. Multimeter
❍ D. Crimper

B. Tone generator

A tone generator is used to produce an analog tone on one the cable, and an inductive probe is used to identify the location of the cable on the other end.


A10. A client’s laptop has recently had its internal mini-
PCIe wireless adapter card replaced. Although Device
Manager shows the card working properly, the wireless
card management software shows very low signal
strength. The wireless card keeps dropping its wireless
connection and will not maintain a consistent network
link. What is the most likely reason for this problem?

❍ A. The mini-PCIe card isn’t compatible with
the laptop
❍ B. The wireless adapter antenna cable isn’t connected
❍ C. The operating system doesn’t support the
wireless card
❍ D. The wireless card is administratively powered off

B. The wireless adapter antenna cable isn’t connected

The antenna cable connectors are very small, and it's easy to leave them disconnected after working inside of a laptop. A missing antenna cable will cause the wireless signal strength to be very low, and often there's not
enough signal strength to reliably send or receive data.


A11. A user has powered on their computer and received the message “Operating system not found.” A check of the system shows that the hard drive cables are properly connected. Which of the following would be the NEXT best troubleshooting step?

❍ A. Boot to Safe Mode
❍ B. Replace the boot drive
❍ C. Restore from a known good backup
❍ D. Check for removable drives

D. Check for removable drives

If a USB (Universal Serial Bus) storage device is connected to a computer and the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is checking USB devices
before the primary storage drive, the "Operating system not found" error could appear with some USB devices. To avoid this error, the boot order in the BIOS can be changed, or the USB device can be disconnected during the boot process and reconnected after the operating system has started.


A12. A user is having an issue with a smartphone not
recognizing their location on a map. All other Internet
and phone features are working properly. Which of the
following would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?

❍ A. GPS is disabled
❍ B. The battery is low
❍ C. Wi-Fi is enabled
❍ D. Storage space is low

A. GPS is disabled

The GPS (Global Positioning System) option on a smartphone provides precise location services for apps and utilities. The map feature on the smartphone uses the GPS to help determine the location, speed, and
direction of the user.


A13. A client’s laptop sounds like it is booting normally,
but nothing appears on the LCD display. After closer
inspection, you notice the output is visible but it's too
faint to clearly see anything. What is the MOST likely
cause of this issue?

❍ A. Video card
❍ B. Inverter
❍ C. Video driver
❍ D. Power adapter

B. Inverter

The inverter powers the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) backlight, allowing you to easily view the pixels on the display. Most newer laptops will use LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlights that use the existing DC (Direct Current) power and don’t require an inverter.


A14. A graphics designer is experiencing increasing delays when accessing files on her hard drive. The user maintains a daily backup of all data on the drive. Which of these would be the BEST next troubleshooting step of this issue?

❍ A. Reinstall Windows
❍ B. Perform a hard drive diagnostic
❍ C. Restore from the daily backup
❍ D. Boot to Safe Mode

B. Perform a hard drive diagnostic

Before making any changes, it would be useful to gather more information about this problem. A hardware diagnostic would determine if the hard
drive itself is working properly. If the hard drive is operating normally, the troubleshooting process can then shift to the operating system and software.


A15. Which of the following would be MOST likely found on a DVD-ROM?

❍ A. Document archive
❍ B. Operating system boot files
❍ C. RAID parity files
❍ D. BIOS configurations

A. Document archive

The DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disc - Read Only Memory) format has the advantage of a relatively large storage area and the ability to write once and never worry about an accidental deletion. The storage of documents and other files is a common use of DVD-ROM optical discs.


A16. When a user starts their computer, the screen remains blank and the computer beeps twice. Which of these would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?

❍ A. The boot device is not connected
❍ B. The memory is faulty
❍ C. The operating system has become corrupted
❍ D. The PC is infected with malware

B. The memory is faulty

The POST (Power On Self Test) is the initial hardware check that occurs during the startup process. If a major hardware component is faulty, the computer will beep and a message will be displayed on the screen. If the issue is related to a critical component, the computer will not be able to display a message on the screen and instead will beep a certain number of times as a code to specify the error.


A17. A firewall is configured to block email transfers from a remote server. Which of the following ports is the firewall blocking?

❍ A. 443
❍ B. 22
❍ C. 23
❍ D. 25

D. 25

Port 25 is used by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send email messages from devices and transfer those messages between SMTP email servers.


A18. A technician is connecting a laptop to an LCD projector in a conference room. The display on the laptop works properly, but the projector image is constantly flickering and pixelating. The technician has modified the resolution and refresh rates, but the projector image continues to flicker. Which of the following would be the BEST next troubleshooting step?

❍ A. Replace the video cable
❍ B. Disable the laptop display
❍ C. Replace the projector bulb
❍ D. Power cycle the projector

A. Replace the video cable

A display issue associated with flickering and poor video quality would commonly point to the connection between the video adapter and the display device. In the case of an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector, there's sometimes a very long (and very worn) cable that can cause signal issues to show on the projected image.


A19. The stylus on a Windows tablet will no longer interact with the user interface. Which of these would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?

❍ A. Digitizer
❍ B. Backlight
❍ C. Antennas
❍ D. Inverter

A. Digitizer

The digitizer is the component in a touch screen that converts the analog input from a fingerprint or stylus into a digital input that can be understood by the computer. If the digitizer is having an issue, then problems will occur with any direct screen input.


A20. A user in the accounting department needs to output a form on the laser printer that prints on both sides of the page. Which of the following options should be configured in the accounting software?

❍ A. Collate
❍ B. Orientation
❍ C. Duplex
❍ D. Resolution

C. Duplex

The duplex setting prints the output on both sides of the page, and a printer that supports duplexing will flip the page over without any manual intervention from the user.


A21. A user needs to connect their laptop to the wired Ethernet network, but the laptop does not have an integrated Ethernet interface. Which of the following would allow the laptop to connect to an Ethernet network? (Pick TWO)

❍ A. Docking station
❍ B. VGA interface
❍ C. USB to Ethernet adapter
❍ D. DisplayPort to HDMI cable
❍ E. DVI to HDMI adapter
❍ F. Bluetooth

A. Docking station
C. USB to Ethernet adapter

There are a few ways to create a wired Ethernet connection on a laptop computer. Using a docking station is a common solution that provides many different interfaces, and often includes the ability to install a full- size PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) adapter.
A USB (Universal Serial Bus) to Ethernet adapter is a simpler solution that only provides an Ethernet interface, but it's much more portable than a docking station.


A22. A server administrator has received an alert showing that one drive in a RAID 1 array has failed. Which of the following would be the best way to resolve this alert?

❍ A. Replace the bad drive and resync the array
❍ B. Replace all drives in the array and resync the array
❍ C. Replace the bad drive and restore from backup
❍ D. Convert the array to RAID 0 and replace the drive
❍ E. Replace all drives in the array and restore from backup

A. Replace the bad drive and resync the array

A RAID 1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks, level 1) array is a mirrored array, which means that all of the information on one physical drive is also copied and maintained on a separate drive. If one drive fails, then the drive with the redundant data continues to be available. To repair the array, the bad drive needs to be replaced and the data from the redundant drive is synchronized to the new drive.


A23. A system administrator is building a server for a data center in another country. The server will manage a print queue and provide a local storage partition for temporary file transfers. Which of the following power supply specifications will be the MOST important for
this server?

❍ A. Voltage input options
❍ B. Number of PCIe connectors
❍ C. Modular cabling
❍ D. Fan noise rating

A. Voltage input options

Connecting to the power source in a different country is an important consideration when selecting a power supply. If the voltage specifications are incorrect, the server may not operate at all or components in the server may be damaged. Many servers use auto-switching power supplies are compatible with the power systems in other countries.


A24. Which of the following ports are used for file transfers? (Select TWO)

❍ A. 21
❍ B. 110
❍ C. 25
❍ D. 23
❍ E. 20
❍ F. 53

A. 21
E. 20

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard method of transferring files across different operating systems. FTP uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) port 21 for control messages and port 20 to transfer data.


A25. Which of these technologies do not require a backlight to provide a viewable display?

❍ A. LCD
❍ B. IPS
❍ D. LED


An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display emits light when a current is provided to an organic compound, so a backlight would not be necessary with an OLED display.


A26. A system administrator tripped over an Ethernet
cable and the cable’s RJ45 connector has broken. Which of the following should be used to resolve this issue?

❍ A. Punch-down tool
❍ B. Tone generator and probe
❍ C. Cable tester
❍ D. Crimper

D. Crimper

A crimper is used to attach a modular connector to a cable. In this example, a new connector can be reattached to the cable using an RJ45 (Registered Jack type 45) crimper.


A27. A network administrator is troubleshooting a network outage, and she believes that the issue is related to a bad switch. The old switch is replaced with a newer model and the cabling is moved to the new switch. Which of the following should be the NEXT troubleshooting steps? (Choose TWO)

❍ A. Test the theory
❍ B. Verify full system functionality
❍ C. Establish a plan of action
❍ D. Identify the problem
❍ E. Document the findings

B. Verify full system functionality
E. Document the findings

Once the theory has been tested, a plan of action has been determined, and the plan has been implemented, it's important to verify that full system functionality has been restored. After all of this work, it's useful to document the problem, the proposed solutions, and the ultimate fix. This problem might occur again, and it would be useful to have some historical documentation on how to address the issue.


A28. A gaming enthusiast is building her own computer to provide the best performance with 3D action games. Which of these would be the most important components of a gaming PC? (Choose TWO)

❍ A. RAID array
❍ B. Small form factor
❍ C. High-end GPU
❍ D. Built-in tuner
❍ E. SSD
❍ F. Network-connected printer

C. High-end GPU

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is an important consideration when building a gaming computer. Many computer games also read extensively from storage, so the speed of an SSD (Solid State Drive) will provide the fastest possible data access.


A29. What type of device connects multiple computers to the network, but becomes less efficient as network traffic increases?

❍ A. Switch
❍ B. Hub
❍ C. Repeater
❍ D. Router

B. Hub

A hub operates as a multi-port repeater, where incoming traffic is repeated to every other port in the hub. If more than one device attempts to do this at the same time, these conflicting signals are called a collision. Each time a collision occurs, the sending devices have to stop transmitting, wait a random amount of time, and try sending traffic again. If many devices are sending large amounts of data, the overall network efficiency will decrease as the number of collisions increase.


A30. In which of the following would a Lightning cable MOST likely be used?

❍ A. Connect a server to a display monitor
❍ B. Increase the available memory of a device
❍ C. Remotely control a mobile device
❍ D. Charge a mobile device

D. Charge a mobile device

The Lightning interface is a proprietary interface used exclusively on mobile devices from Apple. The Lightning interface is a common connection for data transfers and power charging for most Apple mobile devices.


A31. A network administrator would like to enable DHCP on a laptop, but he would like the same IP address to be assigned to the laptop each time it starts. Which of the following would provide this functionality?

❍ A. Create an IP reservation on the DHCP server
❍ B. Administratively configure the laptop’s MAC address
❍ C. Use APIPA addressing
❍ D. Assign the laptop to a static IP VLAN

A. Create an IP reservation on the DHCP server

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server will automatically assign IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to devices on the network from an available pool. This means that the IP address for a device may change over time based on the IP addresses that are currently available in the pool. To force the same IP address assignment each time, the network administrator can create an IP reservation in the DHCP server that will associate a specific IP address to the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the laptop.


A32. A user is complaining about slow network performance from their workstation. A network technician checks the data closet and finds that the wires are not properly seated in the 110 block. Which of the following should the technician use to correct this issue?

❍ A. Crimper
❍ B. Multimeter
❍ C. Punch-down tool
❍ D. Cable tester

C. Punch-down tool

A punch-down tool is used to firmly "punch" a wire into a wiring block, such as a 110 block. These blocks are usually located in a wiring closet or on the back of a patch panel.


A33. A user has just connected to a new wireless network, but they cannot view any Internet web sites. Their network configuration shows the IP address as, the subnet mask is, and they have not been assigned a default gateway. Which of these is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

❍ A. The subnet mask is not correct
❍ B. The Internet provider is experiencing a temporary outage
❍ C. The DHCP server is down
❍ D. The wireless adapter is not working properly

C. The DHCP server is down

If a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is not responding, then the local workstation will configure itself with an APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) address. The usable APIPA addresses are in the range between through An APIPA address is a link-local address, so network communication is limited to the local IP subnet.


A34. A help desk technician needs to use different Windows versions to study for an industry certification exam. The technician currently uses a Windows desktop computer with 4 GB of RAM and a 750 GB free on the hard drive. Which of the following would be the BEST way to perform this task? (Choose TWO)

❍ A. Install a KVM
❍ B. Install an additional hard drive
❍ C. Create a Windows Recovery Environment boot drive
❍ D. Upgrade the system RAM
❍ E. Install Windows guest VMs

D. Upgrade the system RAM
E. Install Windows guest VMs

The easiest way to use multiple operating systems on a single machine is to run them as virtual machines. Although there's plenty of storage space for multiple virtual machines, the 4 GB (Gigabytes) of RAM (Random Access Memory) on the host computer is too small to support multiple Windows operating systems at the same time. Once the memory upgrade is complete, it's a relatively easy process to install the guest virtual machines on the existing hard drive.


A35. While configuring a new workstation in the lab, one of the engineers recommends using What part of the configuration is this associated with?

❍ A. Default gateway
❍ B. Subnet mask
❍ C. DNS server
❍ D. IP address

B. Subnet mask

Subnet masks are used by the local device to determine what subnet it's connected to. Subnet masks are a series of binary ones that are
used to "mask" the subnet address from the host address. Instead of representing this mask in binary, it's almost always shown in decimal form. Common decimal representations of subnet mask start with 255, such as