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Mescaline Effects

Mydriasis, hyperthermia, anxiety hallucinations and altered body image
Body parts may disappear
High doses induce bradycardia, reduced respiratory rate, smooth muscle contractions, in coordination, loss of time perception
Effects persist for 10-12 hours


Salvia Divinorum

Mexican herbal sage that produces type of divine innebriation
Effects are not like any other drug- best used by those wanting deep meditation
Salvinorum A- kappa opioid agonist and D2 receptor partial agonist with mild hallucinogenic properties
Used in more quiet settings for introspective contemplation and meditation


Salvia Divinorum Pharmacology

Buccal absorption via either chewing leaves or tincture takes longer to appear
Most rapid onset via smoking, but need high temperature to release it
Fortified leaf is preferred
High LD50 so relatively safe
Smoking produces effects nearly immediately, peak within 5-10 min


Therapeutic Potential Salvia Divinorum

Modulator of opiate receptors that regulate dopamine levels- stimulant abuse
Psychotherapy- not likely to be approved