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The search assessment marking system is used to denote information about the search of a premise or relating to victim location and status

Markings define hazards and hazardous conditions in building an or areas
Indicate search in progress or on complete
Marks are dynamic


Search assessment marking system

2'x2' when completed will from x
Lime yellow reflective paint
Two cans paint on apparatus


One slash on the outside of a point of entry

Marked upon entry means unit is still inside. Void /area searching
Unit id left of slash


If there is an x on outside of a void with unit ID IN left quadrant of x it means

Unit has left area or structure where searching


Top quadrant of x should have what information

The time and date the company/team personnel left the structure/area


Right quadrant

Personnel hazards to units/teams( rats open shafts dangerous areas utilities )


Bottom quadrant

Number of live/and or expired victims still inside the structure/area
0= no victims


Victim locator marking system

Units upon discovery of known or potential victims shall use this marking system to denote their location


A large v for victim painted means

A known or potential victim is nearby

Arrow should point on direction of victim if not clearly visible or not immediately nearby


How large is the v for the victim location marking system

2' in height


A circle around the v in the victim location marking system means

Victim is confirmed visually vocally or by hearing sounds that would indicate high probability of victim


A horizontal line through the v means

Victim is confirmed deceased


A vertical line through the v of the confirmed victim mark is

Victim(s) have been removed from specific location id by marking

Does not mean secondary is complete