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Once a member in distress is located the appropriate radio transmission must be made .. Whether or not member is conscious or unconscious the priorities will be ?

Immediate medical care, if required and possible

NOTE additional considerations :
Identification of member
Packaging if required


When transmitting a Mayday/Urgent member shall

Begin by pressing the EAB
All ht communication cease except between ic and member transmitting mayday

The term Mayday/Urgent shall be transmitted 3x followed by company designation and position
Face piece member ht on voicemitter mandatory
Message must be acknowledged by IC


High pressure air replenishment via the fast Pak

Through UAC( universal air coupling )
Emergency use only when member lOW or out of air in IDLH
SCBA still in use using UAC
SCBA in doubt do not use high pressure system


Low pressure system via fast Pak are

Fast Pak regulator with members face piece
Hansen fitting of low pressure hose
Fast Pak face piece and regulator

Member assigned to monitor air on fast Pak must protect low pressure hose


Methods to determine if unconscious member has air or not

1. Then the purge valve
2. If facepiece on break seal
3. Look at remote gauge


You should use members face piece unless it

Is damaged or missing


What should you do after you supply unconscious member with air

Turn purge valve half way


When shall a fast Pak be called

When member is located

Regardless if member has air of not


When should medical needs of distressed member be addressed ?

Once clear of IDLH


Once member is located and proper radio transmission has been made the member needs to be properly ID if conscious you should ask

Unit in that tour


ID a unconscious member ?

1. Depress EAB ( notify IC first)
2. Can't activate EAB key members ht mic
3. Position them on Right side gives access to :
A. Members name on coat
B. PRA I'd # (as long not spare)
C. Helmet front piece
D. Engraved if on side of ht
4. Unconscious members tools


If possible position a unconscious member how before starting the packaging process ?

Back facing direction of removal


In both methods of converting a members SCBA into a harness the members rappel hook is used to secure the members shoulder straps . You should place the hook through straps starting with which steal first ?

Start with left strap first then right

Rescuer is moving hook from there right to there left (rescuer is facing distressed member)


the drag rescue device (DRD) is used for horizontal rescue primarily and vertical rescue in extreme circumstances ?

False never vertical


DRD is for unconscious removal only

No also non-ambulatory injured


Breaking strength of nylon tubular webbing ?

4000 lbs
3000 lbs knotted breaking strength


Nylon tubular webbing may be used on unconscious members and civilians from hazardous environment ?

Yes both


Replacement tubular webbing

OOD through tool room