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Characteristics of high rise office buildings built before 1945

1.Heavy weight between 20 to 23 lbs per square foot
2. Structural steel in encased in concrete
3. Exterior walls masonry
4. Exterior walls substantial tied in
5. Not usually plenum
6. Normally steam heat
7. Not usually central lair
8. Exterior windows open
9 between 1938-68 all have fire tower
10 floors reinforced concrete
11 no core construction


High rise btwn 1945 and 68

1. Medium weight construction
2. All have fire towers
3. Mix of pre 1945 and post 68 characteristics


High rise after 1968

1. Lightweight construction
2. Lack of compartmentation
3. Spray on fireproofing of structural steel
4. Exterior curtain walls combo metal and glass
5. Method of securing curtain walks leave a 6-12 space
6. Extensive plenums
8 HVAC serve multiple floors usually
9. Exterior walls not openable
10 fire towers not requires
11. Floors usually light weight
12 core construction use is extensive


How do I place the HVAC system in the non- circulating mode?

1. Open all outside aid supply dampers
2. Closing all mixing dampers
3. Open all exhaust dampers


What is your 1st consideration when dealing with HVAC system in a high rise office building fire?

Determine the status of all HVAC systems in building
Shut down any systems that have not automatically shut down including both supply and return fans


After the fire floor has been determined what should be done with HVAC

All HVAC zones that do not include fire area shall have there supply fans. Activated


According to the 1968 building code buildings over how many feet must have a fire pump?

300 feet

So 301 feet


According to the 1938 building code buildings over how many feet must have fire pump

250 feet so it is 251feet


Whose responsibility is it to start the fire pumps

The building engineer but he may not be there to start it or be assigned other duties


Where is the fire pump room located

Normally located on lowest floor


Where will the bypass valve be located on the fire pump

On the discharge side of the fire pump


How will you readily ID the discharge side of the fire pump

The gauges on discharge side will be calibrated for higher pressures than inlet side


When starting the fire pump you must first check the bypass valve to see if it is in the ______ position.

Closed position (stem in)


To close the discharge gate of the fire pump turn it ___________



If you cannot figure out where the bypass valve is can you start the fire pump with bypass valve in open position

Yes you can but inform engineer when he arrives


The efficiency of the fire pump will be reduced if bypass valve is open what kinda of loss will you experience

25% in 8" riser
45% in 6" riser


What are the steps to start the fire pump

1. Close knife switch
2. Close circuit breaker
3. Push start button
4. Move selector level to desired position

NOTE if does not start emergency power lever located at panel shall be used


Fire pump pressures

Floors1-10. 150 psi 11-20. 200 psi. 21-30. 250 psi
31-40 300 psi
41-50. 350 psi
51-60. 400 psi
61-70. 450 psi
71-80. 500 psi


The building engineers are responsible for staring the fire pumps and he will be responsible for setting the pump pressures to supply the standpipe

No he will be assisted by an ECC or the ECC will set the pressures himself . The engineer may not know the pressures needed to make sure there is adequate


Most high rise buildings that have fire pumps have only one needs to be started because the pressures will be to great and cause the engine pumps to churn

False both pumps shall be started and operated a nearly the same pressure


If one pumps is operating at a higher pressure than the other what shall be done

Increase the pressure in the less effective pump by moving the pump pressure lever to higher position

NOTE if engineer is present this should be left to him cause he will have greater knowledge of system


The relief valve of a fire pump is required to be set at what ?

15 psi above that required to deliver a rated capacity of 50 psi at highest floor outlet


If a fire pump exists it will be the primary water supply for firefighting in most ops

False .. FD pumpers are


A 10-76 shall be transmitted when

When a report of fire is confirmed in high rise office

NOTE only fire
ALL HANDS AT any fire requiring the stretching and operation of one hand line


Second alarm at high rise office will be transmitted when?

1. Visible fire emanating through exterior skin of building
2. Visible smoke emanating through exterior skin
3. Serious fire verified


In high rise office building who controls horizontal ventilation

All horizontal ventilation is controlled communicated and coordinated by the IC


Who is the battalion chief assigned as the fire sector/branch chief?

Second due Battalion chief

Fire sector is fire floor and floor above


Where is fire sector branch located?

First floor below the fire where conditions permit


The fire branch shall be equipped with following ?

1. SCBA for all personnel
2. Copy of floor plan
3. Fire sector/branch log
4. Post radio


If Fire sector/ branch chief will operate on _______channel and his aide will operate on ______channel?

chief on Primary tactical
Aide on command channel


Search and Evacuation Chief will operate on _________channel and his aide will opera rate on _________channel

Secondary Tactical
Command channel


The forward area chief will operate on _______channnel and his aide on ______channel

Aide on primary tactical


What is the forward staging area?

A designated location on upper floors where personnel and equipment are maintained in as state of readiness for tactical deployment

Two floors below the original fire floor


What is the lobby control unit responsible for?

1. Recall control and operate all elevators...recall and search all elevators that terminate in lobby
2. Establish control of all building access points and direct personnel to correct stair/elevator or route
3. Direct building occupants and exiting personnel to proper ground level safe ares or route


System control unit responsibilities

1. Monitor control class E communications
3. any other systems as directed by IC
4. Evaluate communications systems


Where is forward triage area and what is it responsible for?

1. Environmentally safe location on floor below fine forward staging area and responsible for prompt response to injured civilians or members
If conditions deteriorate here emus change locations notify IC


Who establishes the ICP?

The first arriving officer


If the officer who establishes the command post must leave before the first arriving chief arrives who is the preferred member to staff the ICP

Chauffeur of First arriving ladder company

NOTE he shall note the units entering and leaving lobby and their designation


At least how many companies should be in forward staging area

At least 3 engines and 2 trucks


What's the minimum amount of spare SCBA cylinders that should be MAINTAINED at the forward staging area

At least 20 cylinders


What equipment should engine companies bring when reporting into the forward staging area

1. SCBA for each member
2. Standpipe kit and nozzle
3. Length of hose per FF
4. Spare cylinder for each member


Ladder companies reporting into the forward staging area shall bring the following equipment ?

1. SCBA for each member
2. Two sets FE tools and six foot hooks
3. Search rope and utility ropes
4. Spare cylinder for each member


When a fixed stairwell pressurization system in building is activated it should be augmented by FDNY POSITIVE pressure fans

No it should not be

NOTE. Buildings that have fixed positive pressure systems should be entered I on CIDS


Natural vertical ventilation should only be tried once the fire

Is extinguished


Natural vertical ventilation is

Ventilation without use of fans and is accomplished by opening doors at top and bottom of stairway

NOTE : street floor near stairway must also be vented to outer air


Positive is considered

Upward movement of air in vertical shaft



Negative stack effect is

Is the downward movement of air in vertical shaft


Negative stack occurs when outside temp is greater then temp inside the building . Its possibility is greatest when outside temp is above____ degrees



Only negative stack effect will be intensified by the speed and direction of wind

No both negative and positive May be effected by wind


Stack effect becomes noticeable in buildings over ____ feet



Fire towers Are recommended as fire attack stairs

Not recommended


Horizontal ventilation at high rise office is never used because it will not be a effective way to vent

Not never but should e the last consideration


Prior to the arrival of the second battalion chief who will be the fire sector supervisor?

Company officer designated by the IC


If possible the location of the SAE group should be

On a location not serviced by the same bank of elevators as fire floor and at least 5 floors Above fire floo


If conditions permit where should the forward staging area be located?

Two floors below the original fire floor


The forward staging area should be equipped with the following ?

1. At least 2 HT
2. Post radio
3. Forward staging log
At least 20 spare SCBA cylinders


What is the purpose of the forward triage area ?

Ensure prompt response to injured civilians and members


Where should the forward triage area be located

Environmentally safe location on floor below the forward staging area

NOTE 3 floors below fire floor


Prior to leaving the lobby at a high rise office building first due ladder should?

1. Determine elevator bank that provides the safest access to fire area and place in fireman service
2. Obtain floor plan of the fire area ( if one copy do not remove
3. Obtain necessary keys to gain access to fire floor
4. Ensure ICP staffed by FD member
5. Due t stack effect an HVAC smoke can permeate up to 25 floors


Who is responsible for determining what stairway that will be used to stretch from to attack the fire

First due ladder


In lieu of a fire safety director being present in a class e office building a building evacuation supervisor ,
May be present if

Building occupied by less than 100 people above or below street floor
Or by less than 500 people in entire building


What is the preferred stairway for evacuation in high rise office building

A fire tower


Mechanical control center

Location within. Building where equipment is located to monitor building systems
Limited ability to control some building support system
May or may not be located on same floor as MER ( mechanical equipment rooms )


Fire dampers in the HVAC system will be found where

1. In supply system where ducts meet the supply air shaft and wherever they pass through a rated fire partition
2. In return system where the air enters the return air shaft from plenum on each floor and wherever air flows through rated fire partition


Two way communication is possible between the fire command station and the following ?

1. Fire pump room
2. Mechanical control center
3. Elevators
4 floor warden stations
5. Air handling stations
6. Elevator machinery rooms


If a building has a combo standpipe/sprinkler system with a Siamese connected to both systems. The same straying procedure will apply in these buildings .. The usual arrangement is

That one fire pump is automatic and the other is manual. The automatic fire pump may be the smaller capacity (250 or 550 GPM )


The CFR-D engine company shall be assigned to whom?

With all CFR-d equipment and FE TOOLS shall be assigned to fire/sector supervisor branch director

An additional CFR d engine may be assigned to SAE GROUP SUPERVISOR if necessary


The location of the SAE group supervisor shall be dependent on this factors

Fire location
Fire severity
Ht effectiveness
If possible the SAE should be at a location which is not serviced by the same bank of elevators as the fire floor and at least five floors above the fire


At each elevator landing will be a combustion ionization device or a combination of approved smoke detecting device and approved fixed temperature thermostatic device which when activated will do all of the following ?

1. Recall elevators
2. Sound the fire alarm signal on the fire floor and flor above
3. Cause a fire alarm signal to be sounded at the fire command Fire Department via central station
4. Cause a fire alarm to be sounded at the fire command station, the mechanical control center and the regularly assigned location of the fire safety director
5. Stop the air supply into the return air for floors where activated
6. Activate the exhaust fans and dampers on the smoke shaft or the pressurizing fans in the stair enclosure
6. Unlock the doors on the locked fail system

NOTE :activation of sprinkler water flow alarm will accomplish all of the above
Within the HVAC system the activation of this device shall accomplish all of the above except recall the elevators


Fourth due ladder when upon to the roof the report all of the following to IC ?

1. Smoke and heat conditions in the area of the stairways
2. The presence of any building occupants
3. All means available for roof vent especially over stairways and elevator shafts
4. Fire or occupants at windows visible from roof

NOTE no roof vent unless ordered by IC


The fourth due ladder in high rise office is responsible for the primary search where ?

Of roof and top five floors


If the first to arrive engine is first to arrive they shall obtain what info for the fire safety director or his surrogate

1. Location of fire
2. Evacuation procedures that have been implemented
3. Status of the elevators
4. Access stairs serving the fire floor


A second alarm at a high rise office fire (10-76) is warranted when

Any visible fire emanating from skin
Smoke emanating form skin
Serious fire has been verified


The second line at a high rise office fire may be used for the following

1. Reinforced the position of the first line
2. Protect the position of the first line
3. Protect the search and evacuation of the fire floor
4. Contain and confine fire spread and / or prevent fire wrapping around the core and endangering operation of the first line



The SAE unit will require at least how many units for every 5 floors to be covered

One unit for every 5 floors


The fire sector supervisor or branch director shall be equipped with

1. At least 2 HT
2. SCBA for all members assigned to the fire/ sector
3. A copy of the floor plan
4. The fire sector log
5. Post radio


A group supervisor can supervise how many units

3-7 units


Forward staging area manager is responsible for transportation of injured members or building occupants to the forward triage or the lobby. This being said a logical place to bring an injured member would be

Two floors below the fire ( forward staging area) where a elevator would maintained in readiness for transport


At least on manual fire alarm sending station shall be located in each path of escape in each story of the building additional stations shall be installed so that no point on any floor shall be more than _____ feet from the nearest t

200 feet
1. Automatic transmission to the fire department via a central station
2. A visual and audible signal at the fire command station . Mechanical control center and the regular assigned location of the fire safety director
3. Sounding of alarm on the fire floor and floor above

2008 code include sounding alarm on floor below


An approved combustion ionization device or combination of an approved smoke detecting and approved fixed temp thermostat shall be installed at each elevator landing and the activation of this device shall

1. Sound the fire alarm on the fire floor and the floor above ( NOTE 2008 code alarm will also sound on floor below )
2. Recall the elevators
3. Cause fire alarm to FD central station
4. Cause a fire alarm signal to be sounded at the fire command station, MCC and the regularly assigned location of the fires safety director
5. Stop air supply into the return air from the floor where activated
6. Activate the air exhaust fans and dampers in the smoke shaft or pressurized fans in the stair enclosure
7. Unlock the doors of the locked fail system
Note if within the HVAC system it will cause all of the above to happen except (recalling the elevators) ( sprinkler flow will do all of the above )


Second due truck should verify from 1st due if location of the fire floor has been determined then the should on agin a elevator that
Provides the safest access to,the fire floor this elevator if possible should be

The same elevator as first ladder ( 10-77 it's different elevator than first due ladder )

If can't leave HT member in a different elevator


Third ladder at high rise office fire

Determine if fire floor has been Verified by 1st or 2nd
Obtain elevator preferable one already being used
When arriving on floor below obtain as much information from first or second due or from reconnaissance of this floor or stairways serving it . Officers. And members should determine the following
1. Determine the number of stairs the we've the fire floor and floor above
2. Proceed to the fire floor via a stairway other than attack
3. Determine which stairway is best stairway to be used by occupants for evacuation. And advise the ICP
4. Examine the floor above
5. Examine all stairways for occupants and smoke condition
6. Remove all occupants from the attack stairway a reasonable distance above the fire floor
7. If cannot clear attack stairway inform officer of first arriving ladder or fire sector supervisor
8. Conduct primary of floor above


When third due TRUCK arrives on the floor above he will examine and report the following it the ICP

1. The heat and smoke condition
2. The status of the evacuation
3. Any extension of the fire
4. Presence of access stairs- down to the fire floor or up,to the floor above


The 4 th due ladder will report into the ICP with an extra SCBA for each member. The 4 th truck will then report to the roof via the safest access by taken The elevators where

If fire on floor not serviced by high rise bank than take high rise bank of elevators
Fire on floor serviced by high rise bank the proceed to floor below fire and use stairway other than attack stair and proceed to roof
Use elevator then leave a member in elevator


After 4 th due arrives at roof area and they report conditions found to IC at this location they will then

1. Determine the id of all stairways and elevator shafts so when ordered , the correct vent can be carried out
2. Conduct primary of top five floors
3.remove any occupants to safe area or assure that they are safe to remain there
4.remain at the roof area to monitor and report any changing conditions until otherwise ordered by IC
5. A logical assignment after roof ops would be the upper floors of the elevator bank serving fire floor
6. Operate under IC until SAE is established


The second engine officer shall provide communication between the standpipe outlet and the nozzle he will remain here until,

The hoseline is operating at the correct nozzle pressure


Third and fourth engines

Stretch a second line which can be side for
1. Reinforce the position of the first line
2. Protect the position of the first line
3. Protect the search and evacuation of the fire floor
4. Contain and confine the fire spread and or prevent fire from wrapping around the core and endangering operation of the first line


Grater alarm engines at a 10-76

Report to
1. ICP
2. Lobby control unit
3. Staging area outside building

May be assigned to
1. Relieve any first alarm units
2. Stretch additional lines fire floor or floor above
3. Assist in search and evacuation of upper floors
4. Transport special tools and equipment to the forward staging area

Bring Roll up, SCBA and spare cylinders to lobby