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Task A emergency descent

Recognizes why needing an emergency descent
Cockpit smoke/fire
Engine fire
correct procedures with flaps and airspeed in descent +0_10
Levels off designated altitude +_100 ft
Uses checklist


Task b Emergency approach and landing

This procedure is simulated typically after a steep spiral or they usually count this during the power of 180 performed at airport. Recover at a safe altitude.

Determine appropriate land location
Maintain Vg +_10

Plan pattern according to terrain, wind, obstructions

Prepare for land or go around


Task C System and equip malfunctions

Takes appropriate action and uses checklist for 3 of the following:
Partial or complete power loss
Engine roughness or overheat
Carb or induction icing
Loss of oil pressure
Fuel starvation
Vacuum and associated instruments
Pitot static
Landing gear or flap
Door opening
Structural icing
Smoke/fire engine