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Good sequence for maneuvers

Short field takeoff
Clearing turn
Steep turn
Slow flight
Power off stall
Accelerated stall
Power on stall
Vmc demo
Emergency descent
OEI approach


What technique is good to use to setup for virtually any maneuver?

G-gas, gear
P-props, power, pumps
S-switches, seat belts


Steep turn

+-100 ft, 10 mph, 5 bank 50 degrees, 10 hdg

PTS does not state min altitude but
3000 agl (min 7000)
2300 rpm
Approx 150 mph depending on atmosphere
Pumps on

Roll left passing 30 degrees 22"
Roll out on hdg and roll right
Dot just above horizon


Slow flight

+-50ft, +5/-0 mph, 5 bank, 10 hdg

15" map
Props full
Flaps 15 below 160, 40 below 140,
Gear down below 140

Slow to MCA (just above stall)stall horn
Power as needed to hold alt (18-20")
Power=altitude, pitch = airspeed
Maneuver as directed, less 10 degrees of bank


Power off stall

3000 agl
+-10 mph, 5 bank, 10 hdg

Setup shoud be set up from slow flight
Clearing turns
Select tgt descent alt
Props full
Flaps 15 under 160, 40 under 140
Slow and pitch for 95 mph

At 95 mph
Power idle
Prior to reaching tgt alt pitch to maintain alt
Call out stall horn
Recover at buffet
Power full
Pitch for horizon line
Positive rate, gear up, flaps 30, above 111, flaps up


Power on stall

3000 agl, +- 10 mph, 5 bank, 10 hdg

Flaps 15
Slow to 95

At 95, power to 21" map (65%)
Pitch up 20 degrees for stall
Right rudder due to torque
Call out stall horn
Recover at buffet
Pitch down for horizon but stay positve pitch
Flaps up at 111
Establish cruise


Accelerated stall

No hdg/alt/bank tolerances in PTS

Completed above 3000 agl
Performed no faster than 1.2 Vs(84)= (100mph)
Roll into approx 45 deg bank
Recover at onset of buffet verbalizing symptoms
Recover to alt/hdg/airspeed as dir by DPE


VMC demo

Recognizes loss of dir control
Recovers within 20 degrees of entry hdg or stall horn whichever occurs first
Recovers to Vyse(blue) on recovery plus 5 mph

Gear up flaps up
Power as req to hold 122 mph

At 122 mph
Reduce power to idle on critical engine
Power full on operative engine
Pitch to slow 1 mph per sec
At first indication of loss of dir control (sometimes instructor will put their foot behind pedal to limit rudder authority, ie. max 150 lbs, if not, at high altitudes or big rudder, stall horn will likely sound first )
Reduce power on operating engine and pitch for blue
Power full on operating engine and maintain blue

Power throttle up on critical engine and establish cruise


Loss of engine

Maintain control, pitch for blue line 111 mph
Mixture full
Props full
Power full
Gear up, flaps up
or feather
Secure engine, gas off, mixture, mags, pump gen

Fix, gas, mixture, mags, pump, gen
Feather, prop lever aft
Restart engine, mixture full, prop full, throttle forward enough to extinguish horn (12"), pump, crank until windmill then mags to both, fuel pump off, gen on
let it warm up for several minutes (cht) then step it up a couple inches at a time: 100, then 150, then 200 degrees until close to the green.


Single engine approach and landing

Approach speed is as normal as possible so fly 120 mph approach until over the fence then105 then flare for 95
Gear down when landing assured
Flaps down when landing assured

In the pattern it is good to maintain same habits of putting gear down before perch and 15 degrees of flaps, flaps will improve lift and gear will provide stability.

Once committed to land, you slow to 95 over fence as you pull operative throttle back to the other then pull both back. Once below 95 (Vmcse) go around is impossible

PTS for instrument approach:
Accomplishes engine failure actions appropriately

Alt within 100, airspeed within 10 and hdg within 10

Checklists complete before FAF
On final approach segment, no more than 3/4 deflection


Emergency descent

This is required for:
Loss of pressure, o2, smoke and fumes

Throttles idle
Props full
Mixture rich
Flaps 15 at below 160, down below, 140
Gear down below 140
Pitch down for no faster than 140
Bank for 30-45 degrees to lose vertical lift

Roll out and slowly pitch for recovery alt
Clean up
Throttle smoothly to 18"
Rpm 2300
Mixture set


Short field landing

+-5 mph, -0, + 100 ft of landing point

Select landing point
Follow normal landing checklist until est on final
Gumpppss completed before final app or TPA
Gear down flaps 40 typically on short final
Establish 100 mph app

Wind correction

Slow to 90 mph when committed to land
If landing cannot be done in 100 ft, perform go around
Max brake


OEI approach

Recognizes failure and takes app action
Maintains dir contol ( stepping on the ball and level ADI at this point)
Pitch for blue line 111 initially fly approach at 120 if able
Mixture full
Props full
Throttle full
ID and verify
Gear up, flaps up
Unable to fix so feather
Fly stable approach
Touches down first third of rwy
Applies crosswind inputs
Completes checklists: descent, GUMPS b4 FAF