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Short field T/O

Checklist and brief
Flaps 50%
Use all runway possible (white line)
Full power slowly
Engine instruments green?
Airspeed callout
Rotate 65
75 for 50' obst clearance -0 +5
Vx 85 or Vy 95 +-5
Flaps up at 85 and no more rwy


soft field takeoff

Align aircraft without stopping
Maintain aft elevator and x wind inputs
At lift off, maintain ground effect tracking down rwy
Once at Vx (obstacle) or Vy pitch to maintain -+5
Flaps up at 85


Soft field approach and land

X wind
78 -+ 5 on approach
Touch down softly with no drift and aligned
Maintains nose high and x wind throughout
Minimal braking


Short field approach and land

Corrects for wind
75 -+5
Flaps 100%
Touchdown within 100 feet
Maintain x wind controls
Break heavy but safely


Power off 180 accuracy landing

Wind correction
Get in final configuration
Within 200 feet of designate point


Steep spiral

Not to exceed 60 degrees bank, constant radius around point

Select altitude to complete 3 orbits

Maintain Vg approx 90 -+ 5

Roll out on specified heading -+10



Clearing turns
1500 AGL min
60% 120 approx
Set headings
30 degrees bank
Simultaneously Full power and pitch
Past 90 degrees, start to slowly decrease bank
Should arrive at 180 slightly above stall Vs 69


Lazy eights

Maintain approx 65% and 125
Coordinated throughout
Choose points off nose, 45, 90, 135,180
At 45 max pitch and approx 15 bank
90 30 bank and horizon
135 about 15 bank and max pitch down
Roll out at 180 +_10 and -+100' and airspeed-+10


Eights on pylons

Determine altitude AGL, GS2/11.3 usually around 1000-1300 AGL

Choose 2 locations 3/4 nm apart

Enter 45 downwind

Peg point on wing

Roll out in middle and wait approx 5 sec and peg other wing on other point

Adjust altitude as necessary(dive ahead, climb behind)


Emergency descent

Depressurization, smoke/fumes/fire in cockpit or engine, medical, WX

Retard throttle
Introduce flaps 119/50%, 104/100%
Pitch for 100 NTE 104 -+10
Introduce bank to kill vertical component of lift
Levels off at specified altitude -+100 feet
Reference checklist