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What are the options for commercialization?

•Retain IP in house and generate revenue through contract research – low risk, lowreturn.•Licensing – moderate risk, moderate return; most common for narrowly focussed IP;development cost and risks past to licensee; depending on the stage of development atthe time of the license may be some upfront fee, but most of value derived throughmilestone payments and eventually royalties.•Spin-out company – high risk, high return; usually where there is a package or pipelineof IP; primary return through equity position which is high risk and downstream;UniServices (with other investors) puts in place key management and board.


UniServices is the

commercial arm of the University of Auckland.UniServices commercialises new discoveries resulting from University, this is doneby going from concept to commercialisation.


Technology Transfer helps translate

research into usable products, in a timely manner,to yield tangible benefits from the research to contribute to economy or broadercommunity.


UniServices completes

oTechnology evaluation – commercial opportunities and IP positionoIP protectionoDue Diligence – ownership issues, management of patents, knowledge of priorartoMarket ResearchoPartnering with Business through Contacts and NetworksoContract negotiation and management and/or establishing new companystructure


Seed and development investments, to move research to a “saleable” item, through

oOwn investments
oCapturing venture capital or other sources of external funds