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Colle's fracture

- Fracture of wrist at distal end of radius, causing fragments to displace dorsally and radially
- Result of fall from outstretched hand
- "Silver fork" deformity results


Scaphoid bone fracture

When someone braces fall with dorsiflexed hand


Bennet's Fracture

- Fracture through base of 1st metacarpal
- caused by force applied to end of thumb, involves dislocation of the metacarpal joint


Boxer's Fracture

- fracture through neck of 5th metacarpal
- obtained by striking an object with clenched fist


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Deformaties involving the MCP and PIP joints

- Soft tissue inflammation with resulting muscle imbalance


RA: Ulnar drift deformity

MCPs are first joints involved.

Synovitis around MCPs creates ligamentous instability

Extensor Digitorum loses its central pull and MCP flexors pull in an ulnar direction


RA: Swan neck deformity

Hyperextension of PIP joint and flexion of DIP joint

Synovitis at MCP joint causes intrinsic muscles to shorten or weaken

Leads to excessive pull for hyperextension of PIP


RA: Boutonniere Deformity

Hyperextension of DIP and flexion of PIP

Synovitis of PIP joint erodes the central slip of ED, thus no longer able to pull on middle phalanx


Phalen test

Reproduce carpal tunnel sensation with sustain wrist flexion


If ulnar nerve was severed at elbow, all of these would result:

- ulnar claw hand
- hypothenar eminence atrophy
- atrophy of interossei
- positive Froment's Sign (inability to grasp paper between the thumb and radial side of palm)
- loss of sensation of the ulnar aspect of hand
- loss of power grip


Common compression sites for Ulnar nerve?

- Cubital tunnel (where Ulnar nerve passes medial epicondyle)
- Guyon's Canal (path between pisiform and hamate)


This nerve is most commonly injured with mid-humeral fractures

Radial nerve


Is radial nerve severed, these result:

- weakness in brachioradialis, all distal extensor musculature for wrist, finger, and thumb extension, and abductor pollicis longus
- Total "wrist drop"


Compression of radial nerve is most common in the ________ and called "___________"

axilla; "saturday night palsy"


Trigger finger

Finger lockes in flexed position, and can be extended with difficulty resulting in "popping" sound


Dequervian's Disease

Painful tenosynovitis affecting abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis in their common sheath passing over the radial styloid to the thumb


Test for DeQuervain's Disease?

Finklestein's Test - have patient make fist around thumb, flex elbow, and then passively ulnarly deviate fist. If positive, patient will experience pain


Dupuytren's Contractures

chronic hyperplasia of the palmar fascia and tending binding contractures in the hand