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The arm is sometimes referred to as the...



The bulk of the arm is formed by four muscles (innervations in parenthesis):

- biceps brachii (musculocutaneous)
- brachialis, 2 heads (musculocutaneous)
- coracobrachialis (musculocutaneous)
- triceps brachii, 3 heads (radial nerve)


Muscles of arm are organized by a deep fascia which is continuous with axillary fascia, called...

brachial fascia


Medial brachial cutaneous nerve (from medial cord) innervates...

skin of arm


Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve (from medial cord) innervates...

skin of forearm


Posterior surface of the arm is supplied by the...

posterior brachial cutaneous nerve, which is a branch of the radial nerve


Lateral and anterolateral surfaces of the arm supplied by...

superior and inferior lateral brachial cutaneous nerves (branches of axillary and radial nerves, respectively)


Skin of shoulder is also supplied by the...

superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve


Biceps tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii runs in the _________ and is held in place by the ________ bridging the intertubercular groove

intertubercular groove; transverse humeral ligament


Directly beneath the belly of the biceps brachii is the distal extension of the __________, the __________

axillary artery; brachial artery


The brachial artery begins at....

the lower border of the teres major


The brachial artery courses along the _______ aspect of the arm in a thickening of the brachial fascia called the _________

medial; medial intermuscular septum


Branches of brachial artery (2)

- muscular branches (supply anterior compartment of arm; biceps brachia, the brachialis, and coracobrachialis)
- Profunda brachii (supplies triceps, and runs w/ radial nerve around the back of the shaft of the humerus)


Median nerve

- runs w/ brachial artery, and lateral to the artery before elbow. After elbow, they cross and median nerve is more medial


Brachial veins

- two in number, located medially & laterally
- run with basilic vein to form the axillary vein at lower border of teres major


Lateral and medial intermuscular septum

- prominent aggregations of the deep fascia
- each is attached to humerus, then each courses to the superficial aspect of the arm
- median nerve and brachial vessels course down the medial aspect of arm WITHIN the medial inter muscular septum
- the lateral intermuscular septum contains radial nerve.