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Vertical fusion defects

Result from problems with fusion of structures in the vertical plane

-Transverse vaginal septum
-Cervical agenesis (failure of dev)
-Cervical dysgenesis
-Mullerian agenesis/vaginal agenesis
-Imperforate or microperforate hymen


Lateral fusion defects

Caused by defects of midline fusion of mullerian ducts, often associated with renal def/agenesis

-Uterus didelphys
-Bicornuate uterus
-Septate uterus
-Obstructed hemi-uteri
-Uterus didelphys with hemi-obstructed vagina


Uterus didelphys

Uterus has two uteri (hemi), 2 cervices, a vaginal septum
-can have obstructed hemi vagina
-can have blind uterine horn also


Bicornuate uterus

2 Uterine horns, 1 cervix
-With obstructed hemiurterus: may have menses, but cyclic pain and renal agenesis occurs...makes you think of a mullerian anomaly


Septate uterus

No resorption of the uterine septum during dev leads to large fibrotic septum in the middle of the uterus
-->Most common abnormality
-Second trimester miscarriages and preterm deliveries, uterus is not large enough to support full fetal growth
-treat by removing septum


Mullerian Agenesis

-Absent uterus, cervix and vagina
-Intact ovaries
-36% also have absence of one kidney