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define connective tissue

a tissue that connects, supports, binds or separates other tissues and organs, mesodermally derived, made up of cells, extracellular fibres and ground substance


what are fibroblasts

secrete ground substance and fibres


what are macrophages

phagocytosis and antigen presenting cells


what are mast cells

granules which contain histamine


what are mesenchymal cells in connective tissue?

undifferentiated - to maintain extracellular matrix


what is ground substance?

hyaluronate proteoglycan aggregates with gag units that attract water


what are the function of collagen fibres within connective tissue

interweave proteoglycan monomers


what is the function of elastic fibres in connectie tissue

allow stretch due to lysine


describe loose connective tissue

forms a framework around structures
high ratio of ground substance in which all structures lie
e.g. areolar, reticular, adipose


describe regular dense connective tissue

closely packed fibres that run uni-directionally to give good tensile strength e.g. tendons


describe irregular connective tissue

closely packed fibres tht run multi-directionally for multidirectional force resistance e.g.dermis


what is marphans syndrome?

utation in fibrillin gene - disorder of elastin - tissue irregularity


what is ehlers-danlos?

consequence of collagen abnormalaties of dermis and tendons - joint dislocations and skin deformation


what is systematic sclerosis

excessive collagen in organs, causes hardening and functional impairment


what is the function of elastic fibres?

alveolar walls maintain shape ad protection during distersion


what is the function of reticular fibres?

form a structural framework around organs e.g. liver


what is the function of mucous connective tissue?

in umbilical
component cells - large stellate fibroblasts which fuse with adjacent cells
loose amorphous connective tissue with jelly like matrix formed from hykaronic acid sparsly populated type 1 and 3 collagen fibres and fibroblasts


describe aerolar connective tissue

formed by differentiation of cells from the mesochyme
loosly aranged fibroelastic connective tissue
stretch as just uner skin
forms submucosa beneath epithelia of mm
contains fibroblasts, macrophages and mast cels
collagen fibres and elastin for branching network


describe adipose tissue

cells between llagen fibres
unstained as fat dissolves during processing
insulation and shock absorber
can generate heat


describe the dermis

immediately below the epidermis
thick layer of onnective tissue containing blood vessels,lymphatics, skin eppendages sensory nerves and nerve endings
inly thick collagen fibres
variable amount of elastic fibres


describe tendons

connect muscle to bone
parallel bunches of collaen
interspersed with rows of flattened fibroblasts
groups of collagen fibres and fibroblasts form fasicles
fasicles seperated by loose connective tissuegroups of fasicles held together by peritndioum
fibrous sheath surrounds the whole tendon