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What is Food Security?

The ability to obtain sufficient food on a day-to-day basis. People are considered to be 'food secure' when they do not live in fear of hunger


What is Food Insecurity?

When it is difficult to obtain sufficient food. This can range from hunger to full scale famine


What is Malthus' Population Theory?

- Population grows exponentially whilst food production grows arithmetically
- Meaning population will eventually outstrip food supply
- Therefore population would decrease through starvation
- Other natural checks on population growth include war and disease


What is Boserup's Population Theory?

- Population growth controls farming methods
- People wouldn't give in to disease or famine, but invent solutions to the problem
- 'agricultural intensification'


What does RENEWABLE mean?

These resources will never run out and can be used over and over again e.g. wind and solar power. They are infinite resources


What does SUSTAINABLE mean?

There resources are meeting the needs of people now, without compromising the needs of future generations e.g. biofuels


What does NON-RENEWABLE mean?

These resources are being used up and cannot be replaces e.g. coal, gas and oil. They are finite resources


Give an example of Renewable Energy

WIND POWER (USA) - There are now more than 13,000 large wind turbines in California and hundreds of homes + farms across the state also use smaller ones. In 2007, wind energy provided 2.3% of California's total energy requirements


Give a example of Sustainable Energy

BIOGAS (INDIA) - Biogas plants convert organic matter (animal dung, wood chips). This ferments, releasing methane. This is then collected in a tank and can be burnt to provide electricity or gas for cooking.


Give an example of Non-Renewable Energy

NATURAL GAS (EUROPE) - Used for electricity production, heating + cooking. In UK, gas is collected from under the North Sea, but much has now been used up.


What are most plastic bottles made from?

Crude oil


How much crude oil is required to make a 1 litre plastic bottle?

162 grams


How many plastic bottles are used each year in USA and how much oil is required to make them?

In the USA, 29 billion plastic bottles are used each year, requiring more than 17 million barrels of oil


How many biogas plants are there in India?

There are over 2.5 million biogas plants across India, providing 57% of the country's energy


How much gas does the UK have to import?

In 2006, UK imported 50% of its gas supplies from Eastern Europe + Russia, expected to increase to 80% by 2020


What products do hydrogen cars emit?

Just water


What are the advantages of hydrogen cars?

Use most abundant element, hydrogen
Emit no greenhouse gases / pollutants
Reduce dependency on fossil fuels


What are the disadvantages of hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen flammable and hard to store
Technology is expensive


Name an example of a hydrogen car

The Ford Edge
The first alternative fuel car to have the same travelling distance as petrol or diesel fuelled cars (225 miles)


How many malnourished people are there on the planet?

850 million


By how much did world average food prices change between 2001 and 2011?

They rose by 70%


Name a company trying to reduce its impact on the environment

Interface Carpets


How is Interface Carpets trying to reduce its impact on the environment?

Obtain all energy from renewable sources by 2020
Install renewable energy systems
Sell carbon neutral products
Motivate workers with waste reduction programmes