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Who developed the 'accommodation theory'?

Howard Giles


What is the accommodation theory?

The theory suggests we adjust our speech to 'accommodate' to who we are addressing


Describe convergence and give an example

Convergence is when we move our speech close to that of the other person
(-it's bloody nice
-it's right posh
well dressed woman approaches
-oh hello, we were discussing the wonderful interior)


What is divergence and give an example

Divergence occurs when speech styles move further apart
(-get lost, get lost it's rubbish
-Smith I repeat here at Westbourne infraction of discipline is treated with the most serious...)


What is upward convergence?

Moving your accent towards an RP/posh accent


What is downward convergence?

A posh/RP speaker would change his accent when speaking to working class to avoid the difference in accents setting them apart


Describe a mutual convergence

When two people move their accents towards each other


What did Grice call the agreed goals of a conversation was called?

Cooperative principle


What are Grice's four maxims/rules?

1 Maxim of quantity
2 Maxim of relevance
3 Maxim of manner
4 Maxim of quality


What is the maxim of quantity?

Making a contribution that is no more or less than what is required


What is the maxim of relevance?

What is said should be relevant to the ongoing topic of conversation


What is the maxim of manner?

Avoid vagueness, unusual replies or disorganised replies


What is the maxim of quality?

What is said should be truthful and not suspected to be false


What is flouting a maxim?

When the principles are not followed


What did Giles say over-accommodation was?

When a person's attempt at convergence ends up being condescending