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Which gender uses more standard speech forms?
(standard english)



What did Trudgill and Chesire find in adolescents?

Differences in each gender's use of language was evident in childhood


What letters are men more likely to drop?

-'H' sounds at the start of word
'ouse or 'at
-'G' sounds at the ends of words
swimmin' or goin'


Which gender is more likely to use multiple negatives?

e.g. I don't know nothing about it


Explain the theory that the differences are due to women being more status-conscious:

Speech can be an indicator of social class so women make an effort to conform to demonstrate status and therefore respect


Explain the theory that difference in gender language is due to society's expectations of women:

Society expects 'better' behaviour of women than men (e.g. in childhood "boys will be boys")
As adults women are expected to act 'ladylike'
Women are expected to have a dominant role in child rearing and therefore should have the 'correct' speech


Explain the theory that subordinate roles of women cause differences in language of genders

Women's choice of language is due their minority in society
Language is used based on their lack of confidence


Explain the theory of overt and covert prestige as the cause of differences in gender language

Men associate non-standard forms with masculinity (covert)


What is overt prestige?

attached to respectable, socially desirable behaviour


What is covert prestige?

derives from behaviour that goes against the norms and conventions of a 'respectable' society


What did Coates find about men's topic of conversation?

males tend to talk about more impersonal topics
(drinking, cars, sports)
Women talk about emotional topics
(funerals, cheating, loyalty)


How do men 'hold the floor'?

Men talk for long periods of times, the monologues link to their need to feel like an expert


When do men talk in rapid fire talk?

When they are verbally sparring each other


What was their a scarcity of in all male talk?

There is overlapping when the topic is something they get excited about