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What describes a profession


You are trained to go straight out and pursue work related to the profession on academic level that can assure quality and development in the way the profession is carried on

The relations between occupational groups, theoretical knowledge and the possibilities for practitioners to exclusively apply such knowledge within their occupational practice (Sundin)

An authority within its domain, that society sanctions the enterprise in question, that the practitioners work in accordance with ethical codes and that the professional body controls its own training program (Sundin)


Why can: Knowing more about the other professions clarify your own profession?


The stronger the professional identity the more confidence one has with interprofessional collaboration, and
vice versa. (Jakobsen, 2011)

Knowing your areas of responsibility, overview etc. (Jakobsen, 2011)


What does overlap mean and what consequences can it have for your profession ?


Common compentencies we can have with other professions, the consequences can be confusion in area of responsibility, but also a profession seen as unnessasary. (Barr - refered in Expert Panel)