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What creates our professional identity ?


A individual relates to an identity on a collective level
which affects the individual’s physical and discursive actions in the social arena (Sundin)

As students:
we master a set of intellectual and practical skills
Become part of a community with specific norms, values and expectations concerning personal conduct (Sundin)

Professional identity is thought to be constructed by a mutual interaction between the self and the environment (Jakobsen, 2011)


Why is it important to identify who we are ?


Feeling responsibility, independence, overview, selfefficacy, and insight in own profession (Jakobsen,2011)

Having the feeling of being a “nurse, occupational therapist, etc.” - instead of working as a nurse (Jakobsen, 2011)

Learned to present own profession to other professions and thereby to hold our place within the team (professional identity), and to work as a team in practice (interprofessionalism) (Jakobsen,2011)