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Parsons - division of labour

Instrumental: Husband, breadwinner
Expressive: Primary socialiser to kids, emotional work and housewife.


Bott - conjugal roles

Segregated- couple have separate roles, separate leisure activities.
Joint: share tasks such as childcare, share leisure time.


Young and Willmott- symmetrical family (march of progress)

More equal family now, women go to workmen do housework. This has happened due to - changes in women position - new technology - higher standard of living -geographical mobility.


Oakley - willmotts lies

men saying the help can be taking their child for a walk once a week, and if they did help they often did the fun activities such as going to the park.


Gershuny- equal work
equal parents

women going to work has created a more equal division of labour.
those with equal parents will be more likely to also be equal.


Duncombe and Marsden

triple shift- women do housework, paid work and emotional work. creating the triple shift


Crompton and Lyonette - explanations of unequal labour division

Cultural or ideological: norms and values of society decide, women do housework as this is what society says they should do.
Material or economic: women earn less so economically rational for women to do more housework and childcare.


Kan -

younger men now do more housework. \For every 10,000 a year more a women earn she did two hours less housework.


Pahl and Volger- family income

allowance system: men gives wives an allowance to meet the family needs, the man keeps surplus income.
Pooling: both have access to income and responsibility for expenditure.
even with pooling men made the major financial decisions.


Edgell- decisions

very important: moving house etc- both discuss man makes final decision
important- education etc- joint
less important- home decoration etc- women


Smart -gay couples (personal life)

attached no meaning money and were happy to leave it to their partners to deal with.


Coleman and Osborne- Domestic violence

two women a week killed by a current or former partner.


Crime survey of abuse

1.2 mil women experienced domestic abuse in the previous year, but so did 8,000 men.



women experiences 35 accounts of abuse before making a report.


Pickett and Wilkinson

money issues and economic factors can cause abuse.