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Family policy

China one child policy- reducing the grow n population, those that only have one get benefits those who break pay fines.
Communist Romania- restricted contraception and abortion to increase children, those without children paid higher taxes.


Donzelot - policing the family

social workers, health visitors and doctors use their knowledge to control and change families- this is policing family. This is surveillance on the family, it is done more on the poor as they are seen to be the cause of crime and anti-social behaviour.



state is helping families, Fletcher- policy has created the welfare state which helps families.


Murray- welfare state (New right)

Welfare state offers perverse incentives, social policy has created more lone families, and children out of wed lock.


Conservative gov 1979-97 (new right effects)

- banned promotions of homosexuality
- viewed divorce as a problem and said still parents jobs to care for children after a divorce
- set up child support agencies, made sure absent adults were still paying money to the child
HOWEVER- made divorce easier and gave illegitimate children same rights as children born in wed lock


New Labour 1997-2010 differ to new right

-smart- new labour respected dual earner families
- increased maternity leave, for both parents
- civil rights for gay couples
- unmarried couples can adopt same as married
- outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.


Policies supporting the patriarchal family

- tax and benefits, women can't get social security benefits as men are expected to be the main earners
- childcare is minimal so still not both parents can work
- welfare thinks family will look after the elderly