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Murdock - four functions

1. Stable satisfaction of the sex drive
2. Reproduction of the next generation
3. Socialisation of the young
4. Meetings its members economic needs


Parsons - nuclear vs extended in modern society

1. Nuclear is now used as jobs spring up and decline so we must move, easier to do with a nuclear family.
2. people can move up through social classes in the nuclear family, in the extended the father is always at the top.


Parsons - modern family on has two roles

1. primary socialisation of children- basic skills and values
2. stabilisation of adult personalities- it relaxes them after a hard day and they can then go back to work refreshed.


Engles and Marx- inheritance

men had to be certain of the paternity of their children in order to ensure that their legitimate heirs inherited from them.


Zaretsky (marxist)

family ideological functions- offers a haven from the harsh working world.



ideological functions- socialise family members into the idea of hierarchy preparing them for the working world.
Also become a unit of consumption- they buy the products they help create - buy what capitalism sells them, told they ,must have the best phones etc.


Liberal feminists

we've had lots of changes and they have been effective, such as sex discrimination. Moving towards equality and soon will be equal.


Marxist feminists-

Capitalism operas women not men:
-women reproduce the labour force
-women absorb the anger that otherwise would be directed at capitalism.
- women are a reserve army of cheap labour.


Radical feminists-

Men are the enemy
Family benefits men as women are unpaid , sexual behaviours and they can use domestic violence.


Difference feminism

Every women experience of the family differs


Nordqvist and Smart

donor conceive children- emphasised social relationships over genetic ones.