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What is rumen acidosis and its causes and treatment?

Cause: sudden ingenstion of lots of fermentable carbohydrates
Signs: dull, recumbent, ataxia, anorexia, blind, dehydrated, laminitis, rumen stasis, abdominal distension, high pulse
Treat: IV sodium bicarb, IV isotonic NaCl, oral magnesium hydroxide, rumenotomy


What is SARA?

Sub acute rumen acidosis
Herd syndrome : low milk fat, low yield, high cull rate, low appetite, liver abcess, laminitis, haemoptysis and epistaxis from thrombosis of caudal VC


How would you diagnose rumen bloat?

distension of left flank, dyspnoea, distressed, recumbent


What are the two types of bloat?

Frothy bloat
Gaseous bloat


What is frothy bloat?

Stable foam forms in rumen that cant be eructated.

From eating rich lush pasture

Treat : antifoaming agents / surfactant and sit in sternal recumbancy so can eructate


What is gaseous bloat?

From excessive carbs, oesophogeal obstruction, milk fever, lateral recumbancy

Treat: stomach tube , trocar


What is traumatic reticulo - peritonitis more commonly know as?

Hardware disease


What is reticulo - peritonitis?
What are the signs, tests and treatment?

Something penetrated reticulum that can cause local/diffuse peritonitis, pericarditis, liver abcesses

Signs: low milk, low appetite, high temp, arched back, less rumen movement, high jugular pulse, splashing sounds over heart

Test: Withers pinch, pole test, Eric williams test

Treat: raise front feet, antibiotics, rumenotomy, slaughter


LDA - cause , sigsn, disgnosis, treat

Cause : poor transition management, high concentrate diet, low fibre, fast diet change, milk fever, genetics

Abomasum enlarges with fluid/gas and drags omentum down with it so when open on the R the omentum is pulled very tightly

Signs: low milk, low appetite, high ketons, low rumen contraction

Diagnose: ping and tinkle

Treat: rolling, L/R flank omentopexy, R paramedian abomasopexy


LHS pings?

rumen collapse
vagal indigestion


RDA - problem, signs, treat

dilates and can then twist and get volvulus and ischemic necrosis

Signs: sick, shocked, dehydrated, in pain

Teat: surgery or slaughter


Right pings?

Caecal dilation
Caecal volvulus
Gas in spiral colon (not clinically significant)
Uterine tear at calving
ruputured abomasal ulcer


What is the point of salivation?

buffers rumen


What is the consequence of rumen fermentation?

cellulose - VFA (mainly acetate - milk fat)


What happens when rumen ph drops?

normally between 6.2 - 7
low when lots of starch and sugar (conc) - propionate, butyrate and lactate


How does a RH omentopexy work?

incise on R paralumbar fossa and reach round behind the omentum and locate the abomasum on the LHS

if needed deflate the abomasum with a needles, then pull back round into position

suture into incision site with a piece of omentum


What is the roll and toggle method?

Sedate the cow and lay her on her L, then roll her onto her back so her abomasum filled with gas floats up. Nothing to stop it going back to L so put in two toggles through into abomasum using a trochar just slightly to right of the midline and tie the attached suture material together