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How do you calculate the resting energy requirement (RER) of an animal weighing between 2 - 30 kg?

RER = 30 x body weight +70


How do you calculate RER for an animal under 2 kg of over 30 kg?

RER = 70 x body weight ^ 0.75


Do you give full feed on first day?

Nope..start with 1/3 or 1/2 and work up to full RER


Advantages and disadvantages of naso-oesophageal tubes

Advantages : non invasive, well- tolerated, animal can still eat and drink, no general sedation needed

Disadvantages: not suitable if patient is vomiting, unconscious or have a mega-oesophagus, easily dislodged so buster collar needed, limited by small bore tube, only upto 5 days, interferes with smell


Advantages and disadvantages of oesophagostomy tubes

Advantages: large bore tube can be used, well tolerated, longer term support, bypass oral cavity, animals can eat orally, can be used short - long term, liquidised tins can be used, owners can be taught how to use, can be used immediatley after placement

Disadvantages: needs general anaesthesia, surgical placement, site can be infected, can be removed by patient, local infl.


Advantages and disadvantages of Gastrostomy tube

Advantages: short - long term, wide bore so can use range of food, can be used by owner

Disadvantages: need flexible video endoscopy to place, cant use if animal is vomiting, unconscious or has a GI obstruction, need to wait 24 hours before feeding, risk of peritonitis, in medium/small animals need endoscopy to remove to retrieve stopper from the stomach (in large dogs it can leave with faeces)


Advantages and disadvantages of Jejunostomy tubes

Advantages: bypass stomach, long term, can start feeding immediatley after placement, well tolerated

Disadvantages: need general anaesthesia and an ex lap. , feeding needs to be at a constant rate, diarrhoea is common, needs prolonged hospitalisation, expensive, high maintenance, peritonitis risk


How do you calculate how many feeds needed in a day?

10 ml / kg / feed
include flush before and after