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originated in Malaysia; used in Philippines, Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico and Navajo

-dissociative episode characterized by a period of depression followed by outburst of violence, aggressive or homicidal beavhior

Causes: perceived insult, persecutory ideas, automation, amnesia, exhaustion

tx: hospitalization, dx with schizophrenia and tx with antispychs


ataque de nervios

Latin America, Mediterranean groups

sx: uncontrollable shouting, attacks of crying, trembling, heat in the chest risking into the head, verbal or physical aggression; dissociative expreiences, seizure-like or fainting, suicidal gesturess; sense of being out of control

causes: result of stressful event relating to family

ensure safety; talk the person down; tey might use rubbing alcohol to help calm person; telling story of what led to ataque; psychotherapy typically mainstay tx


possession syndrome

seen around the word; India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Niger, Uganda, Haiti, Brazil...

involuntary possession trance, its seen as an illness, involuntary and causes distress; not normal part of collective cultural or religious ritual performance

cause: stress or trauma

tx: pyshciatric tx is usually avoided and indigenous tx used to neutralize the conflict or stress


Shenjing Shuairo

China, Japan,

"weakness of the nervous system" (Mandarin Chinese word)

causes: work related stressors, and other stressors

tx: most pts use both Western-trained physicians and traditional Chinese doctors; non psychiatric settings were preferred including general medicine and neurology; usually traditional Chinese medicines used



having been shocked or startled some time before; can have specific expereince of altered realtiy or any specific altered behavior




Peruvian Amazon

misfortunes of many kinds, may have anxiety but this is because they believe that they have been bewithced



Malaysia and Indonesia

repetitively startled by others until they become extremely flustered whenever they are startled; causes highly flustered state