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Precautions with Asians and antipsychotics

they require 1/2 to 1/3 dose because P450 mutations: slow metabolizers of meds


genetics with schizophrenia

1/2 environmental and 1/2 genetic; high family risk


genetics of MDD

1/3 genetic 2/3 enviornment; high family risk; Asians require a lower dose of antidepressants
may have mutation in SERT


Genetics of Bipolar D/O

strong genetic influence; very rare if they do not have family member with dx;


Genetics with panick d/o

strong genetic risk plus trauma in childhood; mutations with SERT


genetics with ADHD

high family hx;


genetics of OCD

group A strep may cause onset OCD in hcildren (PANDASP;


genetics of alcohol and addiction

strong genetic and environment influence; Asians produce higher acetaldhyde when drinking alcohol which causes flushing, palpitations, women tend to produce less/metabolize slower therefore have higher level than men


genetics in AD

genetic and environmental influences; family hx with first degree relative;


genetics of Autism

high genetic 90%; children tend to have inherited the thymine rather than adenine variant of a certain chromosome


Genetics of eating d/o

genetics and environment: 11 times higher risk in families than general population; can have variation of gene responsible for Ghrelin hormone that stimulates appetite in stomach and intestine