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Mē miserum—nē prōna cadās, indignave laedī crūra notent sentēs, et sim tibi causa dolōris!

Miserable me—May you not fall face-down, or briars mark your legs not deserving to be hurt, and I am the cause of pain for you!


Aspera, quā properās, loca sunt: moderātius, ōrō, curre fugamque inhibē; moderātius īnsequar ipse.

The places are harsh where you hurry: more slowly, I beg, run and restrain your flight; I myself will pursue more slowly.


Cui placeās, inquīre tamen; nōn incola montis, nōn ego sum pāstor, nōn hīc armenta gregēsque horridus observō.

Nevertheless ask to whom you are pleasing; I am not the inhabitant of a mountain, not a shepherd, I, rough, do not watch over here herds of cattle and flocks.


Nescīs, temerāria, nescīs quem fugiās, ideōque fugis.

You do not know, reckless girl, you do not know whom you flee, and therefore you flee.


Mihi Delphica tellūs et Claros et Tenedos Patarēaque rēgia servit; Iuppiter est genitor; per mē quod eritque fuitque estque patet; per mē concordant carmina nervīs.

The land of Delphi and Claros and Tenedos and the shrine of Patara serve to me; Jupiter is my father; through me what will be and what was and is is revealed; through me songs harmonise with the strings.


Certa quidem nostra est, nostrā tamen ūna sagitta certior, in vacuō quae vulnera pectore fēcit.

Sure indeed is my arrow, however, on arrow is more sure than mine, which has made wounds in my empty heart.


Inventum medicīna meum est, opiferque per orbem dīcor, et herbārum subiecta potentia nōbīs; ei mihi, quod nūllīs amor est sānābilis herbīs, nec prōsunt dominō, quae prōsunt omnibus, artēs!"

Medicine is my invention, I am said to be the "aid bringer" throughout the world, and the power of herbs has been placed under my control; oh miserable me, because love is curable by no herbs, and these arts are not beneficial to a master, which are beneficial to all!"


"Nympha, precor, Pēnēi, manē! Nōn īnsequor hostis; nympha, manē! Sīc agna lupum, sīc cerva leōnem, sīc aquilam pennā fugiunt trepidante columbae, hostēs quaeque suōs; amor est mihi causa sequendī.

"Nymph, I beg, daughter of Peneus, stay! I do not follow as an enemy; nymph, stay! Thus a lamb flees a wolf, thus a doe flees a lion, thus doves with trembling wing flee an eagle, each flees his own enemy; love is the reason for me of following.