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Cui deus "At quoniam coniūnx mea nōn potes esse, arbor eris certē," dīxit, "mea! Semper habēbunt tē coma, tē citharae, tē nostrae, laure, pharetrae.

To which the god said, "but since you are not able to be my wife, surely you will be my tree! My hair will always have you, my lyre, laurel tree, and quiver.


Tū ducibus Latiīs aderis, cum laeta triumphum vōx canet et vīsent longās Capitōlia pompās.

You will be present for Latin leaders, when your happy voice shall sing triumph and the Capitoline Hill will view long processions.


Postibus Augustīs eadem fīdissima custōs ante forēs stābis, mediamque tuēbere quercum, utque meum intōnsīs caput est iuvenāle capillīs, tu quoque perpetuōs semper gere frondis honōrēs!"

You will stand before the door, the same most faithful guardian for the Augustan gates, and you will watch over the oak garland in the middle and as my hair is youthful with uncut hair, you also always bear the perpetual honour of leafy foliage!"


Fīnierat Paeān; factīs modo laurea rāmīs adnuit, utque caput vīsa est agitāsse cacūmen.

Paean had finished; the laurel nodded just now with its made branches, and seemed to move its treetop as a head.


Hanc quoque Phoebus amat, positāque in stīpite dextrā sentit adhūc trepidare novō sub cortice pectus, complexusque suīs rāmōs, ut membra, lacertīs ōscula dat lignō; refugit tamen ōscula lignum.

Phoebus also loves this woman, and with his right hand placed on her trunk, he feels her heart still beating under the new bark, and having embraced the branches, as limbs, with his own arms he gives kisses on the wood; nevertheless the wood recoils from the kisses.