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In city driving, how far ahead would a 12to 15 second eye lead time have youscanning?

About 1 to 1 ½ blocks ahead


What is meant by a 45 degree eye scan?

It refers to scanning the area infront of your vehicle fromsidewalk to sidewalk


What is the 3 x 5 test for brakes?

You pump the brake pedal threetimes and hold it for five seconds


When passing or changing lanes, whatshould you do to check the traffic comingup behind you?

Check both your rear-view andside view mirrors, then turn yourhead 90 degrees to look over yourshoulder


What is your safety perimeter?

It’s the 360-degree safety spacecushion around your vehicle.


Complete the following formula:Space + Visibility = ?



What is the rule for determining theproper following distance?

The 3 to 4 second rule


Which brake type should you use asteady firm pressure when braking hard?

ABS brakes


What is the “Rear Tire Rule”?

When stopped behind a vehicle atan intersection, you should beable to see the rear tires of thefront vehicle touching the ground


What is the most important rule toremember concerning right-of-way?

Never assume or demand the rightof way; always be prepared tostop if necessary


What is the most basic rule concerningleft turns?

When stopped, keep your frontwheels straight and keep yourfoot on brake


When the weather turns road conditionsslick, the appropriate precaution is to?

Slow down and avoid braking in aturn or on a curve, if possible


How should your front wheels bepositioned when parked on an uphillgrade with a curb?

Turned away from the curb


What can you do if you feel your frustrationor anger growing?

Stop and pull over if you can.Count to 10, do some deep breathing,consciously think about something less stressful.Try to relax and cool off.


What am I responsible for when I drive avehicle?

Your own life and the lives of others inthe vicinityComcast’s equipment and reputation


Aggressive Driving:

Driving in a selfish manner withoutregarding others’ safetyTrying to intimidate or “better” anotherdriverA ticketable offence


Road Rage:

Using a vehicle as a weapon with intentto harmPhysical assault of a person or vehicle asa result of a traffic accidentA criminal offence


What are some signs of AggressiveDriving?

SpeedingLane blockingFollowing too closelyIgnoring traffic signalsManeuvering around traffic without usingturn signalsBlocking intersections


What are 3 personal factors that affect yourability to drive a vehicle?

Sick, tired, family problems(angry with spouse/children/friend), work problems (conflictwith co-worker), late for appointment, drugs/alcohol.


What are some external factors that can affect yourdriving experience?

Other drivers’ personal factors,pedestrians, children playing nearby, weather, poorvisibility, driving conditions.


What can be affected when you are not in 100%condition to drive a vehicle?

Other people’s lives aroundyou, Comcast's equipment, and/or damaging theenvironment


how do you test the parking brake?

After you set the parking brake, you place thevehicle in gear and apply a small amount ofpower. The parking brake should keep thevehicle from moving. If it doesn’t, notify yoursupervisor.


What is a typical symptom of low power steeringfluid?

Grinding sound when turning


What are some common driving aids and how canthey assist you?

The horn: alert other drivers of danger,lights, reflectors, mirrors and windows: ability to see and beseen


12 to 15 second eye lead time allows youto scan:

In city driving: 1 to 1½ blocksOn highway: about ¼ to ½ mile


Why should we check our mirrors regularlyif we’re not planning to change lanes, passor turn any time soon?

Checking your mirrors regularly letsyou know if any vehicles are moving into yourblind spots or if any vehicles are moving up onyou quickly.


What is the proper braking method foreach of the different types of brakes?

Drum BrakesDisc BrakesABS System


what does a "stale" green light mean?

a green traffic signal that has been inits current state for a period of time. A stalegreen traffic signal may suddenly turn yellow asyou approach without sufficient time to stop.


While stopped at the intersection whatwould the Left, Front, Right, Front, LeftScanning pattern help you find?

The same things you were looking at whenapproaching the intersection.In summary, look for the following whenapproaching an intersection:• Side/Cross street traffic• Pedestrian traffic• Stale green light• Any fast approaching cross traffic• Any turning cars coming toward you


What is the difference between frictionand traction?

Friction - the resisting force between twosurfaces sliding against each other.Traction - the ability of two surfaces to gripeach other.