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What category of disease is Dermatomyositis (DM) and Polymyositis (PM)?

They are both non infectious inflammatory myopathies that present with SYMMETRIC PROXIMAL MUSCLE WASTING but normal reflexes and normal sensations.


Who tends to get DM and PM more?

Women more than men, peak age of onset is 40-50 yrs of age.


Compare and contrast DM and PM?

Both are associated with visceral malignancies, especially LUNG CANCER. DM has skin involvement whereas PM does not have any skin involvement.


What is "Gottron's sign?"

Erethematous scaly eruptions or purple patches over the extensor surfaces of the knuckles elbows and knees.


What is "Heliptrophe Rashe?"

Aka "Racoon eyes" lilac or violet discoloration of eyelid with periorbital edema.


What is "Shawl sign?"

Erethyma of chest and shoulders.


What is the "V sign?"

Erethyma in a V shape over the anterior neck and chest.