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What are the causative agents that can induce aseptic meningitis?

Enterovirus (particularly the coxsackie virus), HSV 2 (HSV-1 is associated with encephalitis), HIV, west nile, VZV.


What are the causative agents that cause meningitis in HIV patients?

Cryptococcus, CMV, Toxoplasmosis (will cause brain abscesses), JC virus (PML).


What is the definition of aseptic meningitis?

Refers to the absence of recognizable organisms in a patient with meningeal irritation, fevr, and alterations of consciousness of relatively acute onset. Generally the etiology is viral.


How does the spinal tap present in aseptic meningitis?

There is increased lymphocytes, (rather than PML's (neutrophils) seen in bacterial), and it will not be accompanied in elevations in glucose, protein content is either normal or mildly elevated. In contrast, bacterial meningitis would've presented with increased PML, proteins, and decreased sugar.


Are aseptic meningitis life threatening?

No they seem to be self limiting provided the patient receives supportive care of symptomatic relief.