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What is a primary characteristic that must be present in order for something to be a defense mechanism?

It must be an unconscious thing.


What is "Projection?"

Associating the feeling of a person as if it is coming from someone else, i.e. a daughter misses her father but holds up a doll and says "doll is going to miss you dad."


Who are people who tend to use projection as a defense mechanism?

People with paranoia and people experiencing auditory hallucinations (i.e. schizos).


What is "denial?" What is denial associated with?

Unable to cope with reality, it is "no! it's not so!" Child abuse and substance abuse are associations of denial.


What is "splitting?"

Seperating things into the extremes, good or bad black or white etc. "Best professor ever!" etc.


What are some pathologies that uses splitting?

Idealization and borderline personality disorders.


What are the 3 narcissistic defenses? Is it mature?

Proection, denial, splitting. Considered the least mature defense.


What is "blocking?"

Temporary loss of memory of something focal like a name or term, etc. I.e. in an exam you forget something that you know, and remember it the next day.


What is "regression?"

Regressing back to an earlier time frame, i.e. a child acting like his younger self when he sees that he has a new sibling and wants more attention.


What is "Somatization?"

Real physical manifestation in response to a psychological process, i.e. you are so filled with anxiety that you want to vomit, experiencing the symptom rather than the feeling.


What is "introjection/identification?"

The opposite of projection. Taking things around them and assimilating them as part of "self."


What is "displacement?"

Redirecting thoughts or feelings from the intended target to another target, i.e. taking out your frustrations on someone when you're really angry about something else.


How does displacement differ from projection?

The source of the emotion is the same in displacement, i.e. im still angry even though im angry at the wrong person rather than the intended target. In projection the source changes not the target, i.e. my doll will miss my father not me.


What is repression and how does it relate to "denial?"

Repression is when you were aware of a particular event or reality at one point and then it is phased from your memory, never to be returned again and is lost in consciousness, whereas in denial reality never registered in the first place.


What is suppression and how does it relate to repression?

Suppression is repression "light," you forget something but you are aware that you forgot, and the memory can return.


What is "isolation of affect?"

Reality is recognized and acknowledged but no associated feelings accompany this reality. "Facts without feeling."


What is "conversion disorder?"

Someone has a symptom but is unconcerned that s/he has the symptom. Missing the feeling.


What is "intellectualization?"

Starts off as isolation of affect and then progresses to this, where the void of feeling is filled in with facts and data.


What is "acting out?"

Starts off as isolation of affect and then progresses to something that induces strong feeling to fill the emotional void: things such as fighting, driving fast, intense sex, substance abuse, etc.


What is "rationalization?"

Justifying the unacceptable. "I got fired from work but I never liked working there anyway."


What is "reaction formation?"

Feeling the exact opposite of what you once did, i.e. joy becomes despair, love becomes hate, etc. It's as if the original feeling was never there. The original impulse is countered with a very strong opposite impulse to cover up the original impulse.


What is "undoing?"

Somewhat like "fixing" i.e. a superstition. Knock on wood to prevent bad luck, etc.


What is "passive aggressive?"

Failing to do something with the intention of hurting someone.


What is "dissociation?"

3rd person experience of a 1st person event. "Out of body experience."


What is "Humor?"

Dealing with reality by spinning the perspective so that it is funny and laughing it off.


What is "sublimation?"

Unacceptable impulse that is gratified in a socially acceptable manner. Someone who is very aggressive and competitive channels those feelings into boxing. Getting satisfaction is key.