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1 month

Lifts head, follows moving object and exhibits reflexive stepping, positive support reflex, decreased flexion, hands fisted with indwelling thumb most of the time, reciprocal and symmetrical kicking, and neonatal reaching


2 months

lifts head 45 degrees, head lags on pull-to-sitting, smiles, begins prime on elbows with elbows behind shoulders, head bobs in supported sitting


3 months

can prop self into prone on elbows with weight on forearms, coos, chuckles, takes weight with toes curled in supported standing, and head elevation to 90 degrees


4 months

can prop up head and chest for a long time, head no longer lags in pull-to-sit, sits with support, laughs out loud, rolls prone to side, supine to side, optical and labyrinthian head righting present, and ulnar palmar grasp


5 months

can roll from prone to supine, head control in supported sitting, and weight shifting from one forearm to the other in prone


6 months

rolls from supine to prone, independent sitting, pulls to stand, and prone on hands with elbows extended while weight shifting from hand to hand


7 months

can maintain quadruped, pivots on belly, prone extension position, assumes sitting from quadruped, trunk rotation in sitting, and recognizes tone of voice


8-9 months

belly crawls, quadruped creeping, side-sitting, pulls to stand through kneeling, cruises sideways, can stand alone, has pincer grasp with thumb and forefinger, can transfer objects from one hand to the other, moves quadruped to sitting


10-15 months

stands and begins to walk unassisted, begins self-feeding, searches for hidden toys, plays patty cake and peek-a-boo, imitates, reaches with supination, neat pincer grasp with release.


18-20 months

can walk up and down stairs with assistance, ascends stairs with step-to pattern, sits on a small chair, begins to run more coordinated, jumps off bottoms step, plays make believe,


2 years

runs well, can go up stairs one at a time, active, restless, trantrums


3 years

goes down stairs reciprocally, rides tricycle, begins to catch a ball, jumps with two feet, understands sharing, stands on one foot briefly


3.5 years

hops on one foot, kicks a ball


4 years

hops on one foot several times, climbs, throws a ball overhand, stands on tiptoes, and relates to friends


5 years

skips, kicks a ball well, dresses and undresses self