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How do T cells get to the site of infection?

Chemokine gradient
Adressin and integrin


How do T cells induce apoptosis ?

Performing makes pore for granzyme
Fas ligand on T cell and fas receptor on target cell

Both pathways upregulate caspase


Helper T cell functions

Macrophages activation
B cell activation
Delayed type hypersensitivity response


What is delayed type hypersensitivity?

Allergic response that takes some days to occur
Sensitisation = expose to allergen
Effector = in second exposure trigger a response
Helper T secrete cytokines


5 types of helper T

Th1 pro inflammation
Th2 increase anti multicellular response
Follicular hT generate isotope switched antibodies
Th17 control bacteria
Treg regulate activation of other T


Difference between memory T and B?

T don’t have isotope switching if affinity maturation
Response doesn’t improve over time


Categorise memory T cells

Effector = CD45RA-CCR7- Local memory
Central= CD45RA-CCR7+ Go back to spleen or lymph node = long lasting


What happened when T cells get exhausted?

The CD8 pool gets smaller
PD1 (programmed death) receptor produced making it harder to activate T cells