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Articulations @ Humerulnar joint, humeroradial, proximal radioulnar, and distal radioulnar

humeroulnar- flex/xtend

humeroradial- flex/extend
- sup/pro

prox radioulnar- sup/pro

distal radioulnar- sup/pro


Ulnar collateral lig- 3 sections

anterior- medial epicondyle to coronoid process
transverse- medial olecranon to coronoid
posterior-olecranon to medial epi


lateral collateral lig
radial collateral lig
annular lig

lateral- lateral epi to tubercle of ulna
radial- lateral epi to annular lig
annular- both ends to coronoid process


Median/ulnar/radial nerves what do they supply

median- wrist flexors/extensors

ulnar- 4th/5th digits

radial- digit extensors, thumb, wrist


ulnar collateral lig MOI, SS, Test

MOI- valgus force, repetitive throwing

SS- localized pain that worse w/ movement

Test-valgus stress test


Osteochondritis Dissecans of Capitulum MOI, SS

MOI- insidious onset, increased valgus loading with throwing

SS- places compressive + sheer forces on capitulum + redial head
- Dull lateral elbow pain
- Xray show loose bone in joint


Lateral Epicondylagia MOI, SS, Test

MOI- inflammation or repetitive stress @ lateral epicondyle
- repeated eccentric contractions of wrist
- racket sports

SS- Lateral pain, decreased grip strength

Test- Palpate extensor tendon
- resist wrist extension


Media epicondylagia MOI, SS

MOI- Activates involving swift+ powerful snapping of wrist

SS- Point tenderness @ origin of wrist flexors


Distal Biceps tendon rupture MOI, SS

MOI- tendon degrades w time, sudden eccentric load

S+S- tenderness, swelling, weakness, tendon not palpate


Triceps Brachii rupture MOI, SS

MOI- Direct blow to posterior elbow

S+S- 80% avulsed olecranon
- Pain/swelling
- palpable defect/ step off
- can’t extend arm


Anterior capsulitis S+S

defuse anterior elbow pain, deep tenderness


Dislocation of pro radial head MOI, SS

MOI- longitudinal traction of extended + pronated upper extremity

SS- deep tenderness on palpation


Ulnar Dislocation MOI

MOI- hyperextension/ sudden valgus force


Nerve entrapments

Cubital tunnel
Pronator Syndrome
Radial tunnel

Cubital- Ulnar nerve
Pronator- Median
Radial- Radial

Test- Pinch test/ weakness