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Sternoclavicular joint Sprain MOI, SS

MOI- FOOSH, anterior/posterior force to shoulder

SS- prot/retrac of scapula causes clicking
- Pain at SC joint w movement


AC joint Sprain MOI, SS, TEsts

MOI- FOOSH, person falls on acromion

SS- dull achey pain over shoulder
- step deformity (displacement of clavicle)
-both AC lig and cozrococlavicular lig torn (3rd degree)

Test- Apley scratch
- traction test( pull on humerus)
- AC compression test


Clavicle Fracture MOI, SS

MOI- direct/indirect force
SS- distal shoulder collapses, visible deformity, pain w/ movement


Anterior GH instability MOI, TEST

MOI- Repetitive overhead, follows sublux, dislocation
- weak rotators

Test- Apprehension test( arm rotated back at 90 degrees)


Sublux/dislocating GH- MOI, associated injures

MOI- excessive ext. rot. + abduction

Bankart lesion- Inferior GH avulsed w/ portion of labrum

Hills-Sachs- boney defect of humeral head


SLAP lesion (type 1,2,3,4)

-tear of superior aspect of glenoid labrum

1- fraying of labrum
2- Avulsion of labrum + tear of LHBT
3- Buckle handle tear of labrum
4- Buckle handle tear + tear of LHBT


Subacromial Impingement MOI, SS, Tests

MOI- overhead work, weak posterior rc, imbalance in muscle strength

SS- will cause weakening, deep pain, pain b/w 70-120

Tests- Painful arc
- Hawkens kennedy impingment ( forward flexed + internally rotated

- neer impingement( arms raised straight up, pain b/w 90-120)


Subacromial Burrsae inflammation SS

SS- causes rc impingent, localized pain, swelling, jelly like