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Femoral Fracture SS

SS- leg appears shortened and externally rotated, swelling, severe pain, loss of function


Hip dislocation SS

- leg appears internally rotated and shortend


Hip Sublux MOI

Fall forward on flexed knee, impact from behind when knee planted


Illiac crest contusion MOI, SS, Test

MOI- hit on side of hip
SS- causes swelling, pain, discolouration
Test- full ROM/ 80% strength to RTP


Tests for muscle strains

Obers - IT band

Thomas- hip flexors/ quads

Elys- Hip flexors


Femoral Acetabular Impingment MOI, SS, associated injuries

MOI- due to improper location of femoral head

SS- groin pain and lateral thigh pain

Cam lesion- abnormal shaped femoral head
Picer lesion- acetabulum causes impingement


Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis MOI, most common pop

boys 12-15
MOI- Femoral head slips at epiphyseal plate


Labral Tears MOI, SS

MOI- femoral acetabular impingment, hyper mobility, degeneration

SS- localized dull pain, clicking, catching,locking


Athletic Pubalgia MOI, SS

MOI- increased muscular load placed on pubis from repetitive high volume running, cutting etc

SS- Deep lower abdominal or groin pain during activity


Snaping hip syndrome (internal + external origin)

internal- iliopsoas flipping over fremoral head

external- IT band sledding over greater trochanter

-Palaple audible snapping when joint flexes/ extends