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where is the pituitary gland located?

it is 2 glands in one. attached to the hypothalamus by a stalk called the infundibulum


what is the anterior pituitary gland?

anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis) is made of secretory epithelium
blood flow to adenohypophysis travels from hypothalamus through hypophyseal portal system


what is the posterior pituitary gland?

(neurohypophysis) made of neural tissue connected to hypothalamus by nerve fibers hypothamalic-hypophseal tract


what gland sits on top of the kidney?

the adrenal gland


what is the structure of the kidney?

it is has 2 glands in one


what is the adrenal cortex?

it is part of the adrenal cortex is part of the adrenal gland made of secretory epithelium


what is the adrenal medulla?

part of the adrenal gland. inner part of adrenal gland made of neural tissue, cell bodies with no axons
gets input from preganglionic axons that exit spinal cord in ventral rami of spinal nerves t6-t11


what gland sits on the anterior of trachea just below larynx?

the thyroid gland


what is the structure of the thyroid gland?

has 2 thymic lobes connected by isthmus made of secretory epithelium


what are the 4 tiny glands that are located at the lateral edges of the thymic lobes and are made of secretory epithelium?

parathyroid glands


where are the pancreatic islets located?

in the pancreas make up 1 % of epithelial cells secrete hormones into the blood


pineal gland

see notes on brain


what is the location of the thymus gland?

superficial to heart medial to lungs


what are the gonads in males?

the testes- makes sperm and male hormones (testosterone)


what helps t-cells/ lymphocytes mature?

thymus gland


what are thymic lobes?

the thymus gland is split into 2 lobes held together by connective tissue has a capsule which is connective tissue around the lobes


what are projections from the capsule into thymus tissue?

trabeculae of thymus gland


what is the cortex of the thymus gland?

it is the outer layer of thymus tissue formed out of tightly packed lymphocytes


what is the deeper tissue of the thymus gland that contains epithelial cells that release hormones?

medulla of thymus gland


what are the gonads in females?

the ovaries- oval shaped glands on either side of uterus