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Nihilistic delusion that one is dead, lost all ones possession, does not exist or decaying

Cotard Syndrome

Associated with severe depression


A 2 year old girl is brought to the GP by her parents. They say here behaviour has changed drastically over the last 3 months; she is screaming and has stopped interacting with thosse around her. She is also finding it increasingly difficult to walk and feed herself. Previously, her developmental milestone where normal

Rett's Syndrome


Association of obesity with sleep apnoea and hypersomnia

Pickwickian syndrome


Delusional belief that someone of a higher social status is in love with them

De Clerambault's syndrome

Commoner in women


A 28 year old women is in court charged with benefit fraud. When asked how many children she has, she replies 73. When asked to confirm her real name she say " Mary Queen of Scott's" (not her real name)

Ganser's syndrome

Factitious disorder in which people give approximate answer to simple question that show that they understand the underlying theme of the question asked


Factitious disorder where people repeatedly feign illness or self inflict pathology for the sole purpose of seeking medical attention

Munchausen's syndrome

If inflict pathology or feign illness in another person for whom they are responsible e.g child then it is munchausen's by proxy


A 42 year old woman who is estranged from her physically abusive husband attend the GP in tears. She is upset because she thinks her former husband is following her, in disguise as her sister

Fregoli's syndrome

Delusion that a persecutor is able to change into many different forms and disguise themselves to look like other people


Feeling of a delusional intensity that ones partner is being unfaithful

Othello syndrome


Delusional belief that a close acquaintance has been replaced by an identical double

Capgras' syndrome


A 32 year old man present to his GP with abdominal distension, insomnia, urinary frequency, constipation, cravings for beetroot with ice cream. His wife is pregnant as 39 weeks gestation

Couvade syndrome

Occurs in males around the time of birth of their child. Experience symptoms simmilar to that of pregancy, can experience labour like contraction pains


Delusion in one person becomes shared by someone close to them

Follie a deux


Syndrome of complex vivid visual hallucinations that occur in people with severe visual impairment

Charles bonnet syndrome


Delusional psychosis that one is infected with parasites

Ekbom's syndrome

May also be accompanied by a physical sensation of parasites crawling around or burrowing into the skin