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State of being answerable for one's actions—a nurse answers to himself or herself, the patient, the profession, the employing institution such as a hospital, and society for the effectiveness of nursing care performed.



Process whereby a nurse objectively provides patients with the information they need to make decisions and supports the patients in whatever decisions they make.



Ethic that proposes that the value of something is determined by its usefulness. The greatest good for the greatest number of people constitutes the guiding principle for action in a utilitarian model of ethics.


Processing an Ethical Dilemma

Is problem an ethical dilemma?
Gather relevant information.
Examine & determine your own values on the issue.
Define the precise ethical problem or issue.
Consider possible courses of action.
Negotiate the outcome.
Evaluate the outcome.


Statutory Law

Of or related to laws enacted by a legislative branch of the government. They are either civil (private) or criminal (public)


Statutory law: Civil law

Civil law concerns relationships between individuals or between individuals and government. Concerns all law that is not criminal, e.g., tort and contract.


Statutory law: Criminal law

Criminal law protects the public from harmful acts of others. Felony and misdemeanor.


Federal Statutory Issues examples

American with Disabilities Act
Broad civil protection of rights of people with physical or mental disabilities
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
Appropriate medical screening
If emergency exists, must be stabilizes prior to transfer/DC
Advance Directives, Living wills, proxies & durable power of attorney
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Protects against insurance loss with job change; PHI privacy


State Statutory Issues

Licensure: Passing NCLEX exam, RN offers special skill to public, legal guideline for protection of public
Good Samaritan Laws: Limit liability & provides legal immunity to nurse who provides emergency care
Uniform Determination of Death Act: Legal definitions of death to facilitate organ recovery for transplantation


Intentional Torts

Any intentional threat to bring about harmful or offensive contact (No actual contact is necessary)

Intentional harmful or offensive touching without consent (Battery always include assault)

False Imprisonment
Unjustified restraining of a person w/o legal warrant


Quasi: Intentional Torts

Defamation of character
Damage caused to one’s reputation through spoken (slander) or written (libel) word

Invasion of privacy
Unauthorized publicity of information about a patient; breach of protection from unwanted intrusion into private affairs