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Articulating surface of the hip joint are:

Head of the femur with the acetabulum of the pelvis


Articulating surface of the acetabulum is horseshoe shaped & is deficient inferiorly at the:

Acetabular notch


The cavity of the acetabulum is deepened by the presence of the _________ _______ , which increases the depth of the articulation by about 10%

Acetabular labrum


The part of the acetabular labrum which bridges the notch is known as the:

Transverse acetabular ligament


The hip joint is classified as what type of joint:

Ball & socket joint


Ligaments of the Hip Joint:(5)

1. Iliofemoral
2. Pubofemoral
3. Ischiofemoral
4. Transverse Acetabular ligament
5. Capitis Femoris Ligament


- Surrounds the entire hip joint
- Strong, fairly loose capsular ligament permits free movement at the hip joint but cannot maintain the integrity of the joint w/o reinforcing ligaments



- Reinforces the capsular lig. anteriorly & posteriorly
- Strongest lig in the body
- Attaches to the AIIS (superiorly) & to the interochanteric line (inferiorly)
- Becomes tight upon full extension of the femur
- Literally "screws" the head of the femur into the acetabulum

Iliofemoral Ligament


Nerve Supply to the hip joint:

Femoral nerve
Obturator nerve
Sciatic nerve


- Reinforces the capsule ant. & inferiorly
- Attaches from the Superior ramus of the pubis (superiorly) to the intertrochanteric line (inferiorly)
- Prevents ABDUCTION @ the hip joint



- Reinforces the capsule posteriorly
- Runs from the body of the ischium (superiorly) to the neck & greater trochanter of the femur (inferiorly)
- Prevents HYPERextension & ABDuction @ the hip joint



- Intrinsic lig. which is formed by the acetabular labrum as it bridges the acetabular notch
- Lig. converts the notch into a tunnel, through which blood vessels & nerves enter the joint

Transverse Acetabular Ligament


- Weak intrinsic lig. which function mainly to conduct a blood vessel to the head of the femur
- It is of little importance in strengthening the joint

Capitis femoris ligament (lig. of the head of the femur)