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Define Electoral College

(in the US) a body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president

Each state gets 2 senate votes and the number of House votes depends on size


Define treaty.

a formal agreement between 2 or more sovereign states


define executive agreement

a pact between the president and the head of a foreign state


define cabinet/executive department

a board to advise the President; members are the secretaries of executive departments; the United States constitution does not provide for the cabinet

They are appointed by the president


War Powers Resolution of 1973

-President must report to congress within 48 hours of committing troops
-commitment must end within 60 days unless congress agrees to a longer time


Presidential Succession act of 1947

Vice president takes over the office of President upon the death, resignation, or removal by impeachment of a President


twentieth amendment

moved inauguration day of the President from March 4th to January 20th


twenty second amendment

limits the number of terms a President can serve to 2


twenty fifth amendment

if there is vacancy, the president appoints a new VP and both houses must confirm the nominee


What are the qualifications of the President?

-natural born citizen
-at least 35 years old
-resident of the U.S. for 14 years
-art 1, sec 1, clause 5


Where in the Constitution is the Executive Branch outlined?

article 2


What are the eight roles of the President? Briefly describe each role.

-Chief of State
-Chief Executive
-Chief Administrator
-Chief Diplomat
-Commander in Chief
-Chief Legislator
-Chief of Party
-Chief Citizen


How many votes does each state get in the Electoral College?

their number of representatives in the house + the number of senators


How long is a Presidential Term?

4 years


Which laws does the President execute or enforce?

all federal laws; no matter what his personal view may be


Who must approve Presidential appointments?

senate; article 2, sect. 2, clause 2


What has been the role of the President’s Cabinet over time?

To advise the president when making decisions (?)


Why has the number of Executive Departments grown over time?

because the workload of the govt has grown


What tools can the President use when conducting foreign policy?

-executive agreements
-military force
-foreign aid


Describe the presidents role as Chief of State

-Ceremonial Head of Government
-Represents America


Describe the presidents role as Chief Executive

-Given power by the Constitution
-BOth Domestic and foreign affairs


Describe the presidents role as Chief Administrator

-Director of Executive Branch and head of one of the largest government machines in the world


Describe the presidents role as Chief Diplomat

-Chief Spokesperson to the rest of the world and essential figure in shaping foreign policy


Describe the presidents role as Commander in Chief

-Supreme commander in all the nation's forces
-Immediate and direct control of the nation's military arsenal


Describe the presidents role as Chief Legislator

-Signs bills into law
-Sets overall shape of Congressional agenda and requests much of Congress's legislation


Describe the presidents role as Chief of Party

Leader of his political party


Describe the presidents role as Chief Citizen

-Represents american people
-Represent and work for the public's interest