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Why do we have laws?

keep peace and prevent violent acts


When are individuals responsible for knowing laws?



What is the purpose behind criminal laws?

prevent people from deliberating or recklessly harming each other or each other's property


What is the purpose behind the punishment of crimes?

To rebuke a person's wrong doings and, in a way, avenge them.(?)


What is the purpose behind civil laws?

To regulate non-criminal behavior that may end up in legal disputes


What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanour?

-Felony- Serious crimes with serious consequences (Murder, rape, kidnapping)

-Misdemeanor- punished with a fine or jail sentence of less than one year
(vandalism, stealing inexpensive items)


What is a statute?

Laws written by the legislative branch of a state and applies ot everyone in the state


What is an ordinance?

Laws of a city or county


What is included in laws regarding families?

-Juveniles behavior
-(running away, truancy...)


How can citizens change laws?

-They can call their local legislators to propose a change
-Gathering signatures
-Proposition (votes)


How is the juvenile justice system different than the adult justice system?

-The Juvenile Justice system emphasizes rather than punishment when crime is committed
-juveniles can receive adult sentencing in some cases

Adult justice system has harsher punishments and are all charged the same


When can a juvenile be charged or punished as an adult?

When they turn 18, or in some cases a few years earlier (EJJ)


What are family in Need Services?

It is about juvenile's behavior (Running away, truancy, disobedience)


What is EJJ? What is another name for EJJ?

Extended Juvenile Justice System
-It includes juveniles 14+
-Charged w/ serious felony crime
-Can be prosecuted and sentenced as adult