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What were the main concepts behind John Locke's writings?

-Government is based on a social contract between people and ruler(s)
-All men are born with natural rights. (Life, Liberty, and property)
-When the government stops protecting these rights, it can be abolished


What were the main concepts behind Jean Jacques Rousseau's writings?

-Rousseau came up with the idea of "separation of powers". Government power should be divided
-good governements are formed by the people
-Government should be guided by the "general will" of society, direct democracy


Why is the Mayflower Compact considered a social contract?

-The agreement was made to follow the rules in the document in order to assure survival
-Pledged alliance to the King of England


What was the purpose behind the Declaration of Independence?

-It gave complete independence from England
-Stated "repeated injuries and usurpations" against the colonies by King George III
-Stated the existence of a new nation


What was the first written plan of government for the United States?

The Articles of Confederation


How was the first written plan for the government described?

-Composed of a unicameral congress
-Granted very little powers, only legislative powers, created "firm league of friendship" among the States


How was the first written plan for the government organized?

States wrote their own constitutions to replace royalty


Why did the delegates meet at a convention in May 1787?

They decided they needed to amend the Articles of Confederation (idk???)


Why did the new constitution not go into effect right away?

Because it had to be ratified by the states


Why did the Anti-Federalists oppose the new Constitution?

-Huge increase in power of the central government
-Lack of Bill of rights
-God was not mentioned
-Did not allow states to print money
-They didnt like the ratification process (all or nothing)


Why did the Federalist support the new Constitution?

They said that we needed a new, strong, Central government, and the Constitution was the answer
-They stressed the weaknesses of the Articles


Why did the states agree to ratify the Constitution?

-Partly because of the Federalist Papers
-These were essays written to answer anti-federalist attacks to the new Constitution and appeared in newspapers, pamphlets
-A bill of rights was written