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What is a Treaty

-A treaty is a formal agreement between two or more sovereign states
-a president is the only one who has the power to negotiate terms of treaties
- senate must approve the treaties


What is an Executive agreement

-A pact between the president and the head of a sovereign state
-president can make agreement with out congressional approval


What is the cabinet and executive departments

Much of the work of federal government is d done by the 15 executive departments


Wars powers resolution of 1973?

-Use armed forces aboard in combat with our declaration of war


What is the Presidential Succession Act of 1947?

Scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled by Vice President takes over the office of president upon death


What is in the Twentieth Amendment?

Moved the Inauguration the day of the president from March 9th to January 20th


What is in the 22nd amendment

Limits the number of of terms a president can serve to two


What is in the 25th amendment

- the prez appoints a new vp
- all of congress must approve


What are the qualifications of President

Article 2 section 1 clause 5
Natural born citizen of US
@ least 35
Citizen for 14 years


Where in the constitution outlined

Article 2


What are the eight roles of prez

Chief of state- ceremonial head of government
Chief executive- given the executive power by constitution
Chief administrator- director of the executive branch
Chief diplomat- nations chief spokesman to the rest of the world
Commander and Chief- supreme commander of all the nations Armed forces
Chief legislator- sets The overall shale of the congress agenda
Chief of party- leader of his or her party
Chief citizen- expected to be a representative of American people


What is Electoral College?

The popular vote in each star determines how the electoral votes will be cast