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What is the rhinecephalon composed of?

1. Olfactory bulbs
2. Olfactory tracts

3. Olfactory tubercles

4. Olfactory striae

5. Anterior olfactory nucleus

6. Pyriform cortex


Features of the olfactory receptors

Located in the upper posterior nasal cavity and their epithelium is compose of primary bipolar cells with kinocilium


Features of the olfactory nerve

Consists of a group of unmyelinated fibers which extend through the cribiform plate to synapse with mitral cells in the olfactory bulb.

Use glutamate and aspartate as neurotransmitters.


Features of the olfactory bulb.

Connects to the olfactory tract and travels to the lateral and medial olfactory stria and gyrus. 


Where does the medial olfactory stria output to?

1. Subcallosal area
2. Septal area.


Where does the lateral olfactory stria output to?

1. Anterior olfactory nucleus
2. Olfactory tubercle

3. Amygdala

4. Pyriform cortex


What are the two components of the primary olfactory cortex

1. Primary olfactory cortex: pyriform cortex + periamygdaloid cortex

2. Secondary olfactory cortex = entorhinal area of the anterior parahippocampus. Lies posterior to the primary olfactory cortex.


Where is the anterior perforated substance

Located in front of the optic tract, behind the olfactory trigone. Anteromedially it is continuous with the subcallosal gyrus and bounded laterally by the lateral stria. 


Features of the anterior commissure

1. Anterior portion of the AC connects the two olfactory bulbs
2. Posterior portion of the AC connects the two GP, putamen, external capsules, claustrums, inferior and middle frontal gyri.


Where is the septal area and what is it composed of 

It lies rostral to the anterior commissure and the preoptic area. It is composed of the subcallosal area and the paraterminal gyrus. 


Input and output of the septal area?

Input: Fornix


Stria medullaris to the medial habenular nucleus

Medial forebrain bundle to the lateral hypothalamus, midbrain and tegmentum.

Fornix to the hippocampus.