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Describe the 1st step of the life cycle of a flea

Fleas lay eggs in the pet’s environment (grass, carpet, crate bedding, etc)


Describe the 2nd step of the life cycle of a flea

The eggs hatch into larva (this can happen is as little as 48 hours depending on temp and humidity)


Describe the 3rd step of the life cycle of a flea

The larva forms a cocoon that hardens (pupa)

No chemicals can penetrate the pupa


Describe the 4th step of the life cycle of a flea

Pupa hatch into adult fleas


Describe the 5th step of the life cycle of a flea

The adult flea wants a blood meal and is on the pet/person in a short time to feed

Then they lay eggs and the life cycle starts all over again!


What percent of all fleas are in the pet vs in the environment?

5% on the pet, 95% in the environment

This is why killing the fleas on your pet is killing only a small portion of fleas in your pets environment


What stage are most fleas on a pet in? What does this mean?

The developing stage, they can’t be seen by you (microscopic)


Stopping fleas requires doing what?

Breaking the life cycle, which requires: stopping the eggs from hatching, killing the adult fleas on the pet, and killing all stages of fleas in the environment


What are the 5 products we carry that kill fleas on a pet?

Comfortis (spinosad)
Frontline Plus
Mycodex flea spray


What is Comfortis? How long does it work for?

Comfortis (spinosad) is the first FDA-approved beef-flavored chewable that kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs and cats for a full month

doesn’t kill ticks!


What are the 4 advantages for Comfortis?

1) convenient (not messy, easy to give)
2) fast (kills fleas w/in 30 mins, before they can lay eggs)
3) effective (full protection for a month)
4) safe on canines 14 weeks and older


What is frontline plus?

Long-lasting, effective control of fleas AND TICKS on dogs and cats and IN YOUR HOME


What are the 4 advantages of frontline plus?

Kills up to 100% of existing fleas in less than a day

Continues killing fleas for an entire month or more

Remains waterproof for 30 days

Can use on canines and felines 8 weeks old and older


What 5 things does Revolution do?

Prevents heartworms

Kills adult fleas and prevents eggs from hatching

Treats and controls ear mites

Treats and controls sarcoptic mange

Controls dog tick infestations


What is capstar?

Tablets for rapid, short-term control of fleas in cats and dogs


What are the pros and cons of Capstar?

Pros: kills adult fleas fast

Cons: no residual activity
No effect on immature fleas
Effect wears off after 24 hours


What does mycodex flea spray do? What does it contain to kill parasites?

It deodorizes and facilitates easier grooming

Contains .2% synergized pyrethins to quickly kill fleas AND TICKS on dogs AND CATS


Why is mycodex flea spray ideal for animals with sensitive skin?

Contains no alcohol


What product prevents the hatching of flea eggs?

Program (Sentinel)


What chemical is in Program that prevents eggs from hatching? How?


It’s an insect development inhibitor (not insecticide) that is deposited in the flea’s eggs when the flea bites the pet, preventing most eggs from hatching


What happens to the surviving eggs that hatch after given Program? What about any pre-existing larvae?

The larvae soon die

Any pre-existing larvae that ingest lufenuron from the feces of treated fleas also die


What application is Program for dogs? Cats?

Dogs: oral tablet
Cats: liquid suspension


What are 3 common reasons for the failure of Program?

It must be given with food to ensure complete absorption

All pets in the household must be treated

The client isn’t giving the correct dose


Who is Program safe for?

Nursing and breeding animals

Dogs and cats as young as 6 weeks


To hasten control while using Program, what do we usually recommend? Why?

Temporary use of conventional flea products (once the pre-existing population is destroyed, discontinue additional measures because Program used alone will maintain effective control)


What are 4 other flea products used on pets?

Bath products


What are the 3 cons of bath products?

1) Only kill adult fleas on your pet
2) Have to be left on for 10 mins to be effective
3) Won’t control the flea problem alone because it only takes 4 days for more fleas to be on the pet


How long do dips last?

Around 21 days


3 Cons of dips?

1) Only kill adult fleas
2) won’t control the entire problem
3) not as safe and effective as other products (so we don’t use these)


What are the 3 cons of sprays?

1) Only kills adult fleas, doesn’t stop the life cycle or kill fleas in environment
2) most sprays contain alcohol that can dry out the skin
3) certain kinds of sprays can be used on certain kinds of animals (cats, dogs, kitten, puppy, pregnant, etc). This is important to get right!


What flea control device has the highest sales? Why is this?

Flea collars, they are easy and give the owner a sense of fulfillment


Why do we not recommend flea collars?

Not effective, especially the ultrasonic flea collars

They give pet owners a false sense of security


What are the 2 ways to prevent fleas in the environment?

1) use dursban in the yard
2) vacuum your house at least twice weekly (focusing on areas where you pet is frequently) and throw away the vacuum bags.


How many applications, and how often, do you have to use dursban to kill the life cycle of the flea?

4 separate applications every 7-10 days, and then once a month thereafter


What are the 5 reasons fleas are more than just a nuisance?

1) fleas can cause anemia and death in young pets (represented by pale gums)
2) if swallowed, fleas can transmit tapeworms to pets
3) the saliva from flea bites can cause allergic reactions resulting in painful itching and scratching
4) fleas can transmit the blood parasite that causes Feline Infectious Anemia to cats
5) fleas can transmit parasites that live in the blood and cause disease (like the bubonic plague)


What are 4 other external parasites (ectoparasites) that affect pets?

Ear mites


Tick is the common name for what?

Small arachnids that constitute the order Acarina (along with other mites)


How do ticks live? Why are they bad?

They live by sucking the blood of mammals, birds, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians

They are a very important source of a number of diseases that affect dogs, cats, and humans


What is mange?

A skin disease caused by microscopic mites that live in the skin


Are there multiple types of mange or just one?

Multiple; they all cause varying degrees of itching, hair loss, and dermatitis among affected dogs. Some types can infect people and cause severe itching.


What are ear mites?

Tiny infectious organisms resembling microscopic ticks


How can you detect ear mites?

Since they can just barely be seen as a small white dot with the naked eye, they usually must be detected by examination of a sample of ear wax under a microscope


What does ear mite infection usually cause?

A characteristic dry black ear discharge commonly said to resemble coffee grounds


What 4 things is ear mite discharge composed of?

Ear wax
Inflammatory biochemicals
Ear mites


Are lice species specific?

Yes, kids and pets can’t transfer their lice to each other


Can pinworms affect dogs or cats?

No, just kids


What do pinworms resemble?