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Why is it important to standardize procedures?

It allows everyone to know the proper protocols and how to do each specific job or task.

It also streamlined the process of training new staff members.


What should not be cleaned up with the mop and mop water solution?

Urine or puddles

Use towels to clean up the mess THEN use the mop and mop water


What area of the hospital should be cleaned first?

Exotics and bird enclosures


Explain in detail what should be done with pets marked BSC

BSC stands for Be Sure Clean

Basically, make sure the animal is clean, presentable, and odor free. We want them to be sent home cleaner than they came.

-check feet and rectal areas for feces
-check arms and neck for dried blood
-check for foul odors
-if slightly spoiled, spot clean as needed. If dirty or smelly, bathe the animal.


What is included in a regular cleansing bath?

Dogs & cats: Biolage soap and water bath, thorough rinsing, ear clean with alcohol balls, AGE, TNT, brush and blow dry.

Ferrets: same as above but no AGE. The ear cleaning is careful.

Birds: special soap and water bath, TNT, beak and foot oiling, and careful blow dry.

reptiles and small mammals are rarely bathed.


What should you do if you can’t get a pet properly brushed out after 15 minutes of work?

Ask for help, trim out any mattes of hair to facilitate easier brushing


What should the thermostat be set to for regular daytime usage?

About 74 degrees


What should the thermostat be set to for evening usage?

About 74 degrees


describe the procedure for washing and cleaning utensils

Utensil wash water:
-fill bucket half way with fresh hot water
-add 1/2 tsp of laundry detergent
-add 2 oz bleach per 2.5 gal water
-mix well

Utensil rinse water:
-same as above but no detergent

1)clean bowls and utensils
2) rinse any residual food off with plain water
3) immerse bowls, spoons, cups, etc in Utensil Wash Water solution
4) use scrub brush or scouring pad to clean bowls, spoons, cups, etc
5) rinse utensils by dunking several times in Utensil Rinse Solution
6) hold utensils up to allow solution to drain back off into rinse solution bucket
7) dry, stack, and put everything away


What should you do if you notice that, with all the boarders going home this morning, you have 15 baths to do this morning?

-ask for help from other staff members
-complete baths on any animals you know are likely to leave in the morning first
-make a daily habit to check the number of boarding charts leaving the next day so you can predict when a situation like this may arise BEFOREHAND and figure out how to address it (come in early, arrange for extra help in the morning, etc)


Describe how playtime should be conducted.

-5-10 minutes of individual attention (like play, brushing, cuddling, petting, etc)
-transportation to a new or different location for play


When should a soiled enclosure be cleaned?


Enclosures should all be cleaned around 8am every day, and should be checked for cleanliness every 1-2 hours


When is a pet care assistant responsible for completing the surgery and closedown list?

When the kennel closing checklist is complete, a pet care assistant should check with staff members up front to see if anyone needs help on their closedown lists.


What should be done with a bird food bowl that still contains half of yesterday’s bird food?

Dump out any old food, clean the bird food cup, and replace with 100% fresh food


Describe the x-ray processor close down procedure

Ensure x ray machine is shut off and the table top is clean

Put away any PPE, R and L markers, or measurement devices

Shut down radiology computer (after ensuring that any recent X-rays have been saved)

Vacuum and mop floor


Describe what to do if you notice a dog isn’t eating this morning

Remove food that remains uneaten after 30-60 minutes, and make a note in the pet’s medical record if he hasn’t eaten for a whole day. If he hadn’t eaten by the end of the second day, notify the vet.


How do you clean an empty enclosure with stool and urine inside?

1) remove any soiled towels, comfort cushions, or towels
2) throw away dirty newspaper or old paper plates and bowls
3) remove feces and urine with soap water and a towel or rag (you can hose out bottom enclosure to remove waste, then squeegee out excess water)
4) rinse enclosure with plain water
5) wipe down all 7 sides of enclosure with either bleach water solution or rocal
6) soak enclosure doors in the tub or pressure wash them if they’re soiled
7) wipe dry all surfaces with a hand towel and replace comfort cushions, bowls, or towels as needed
8)clean the kennel floor (pick up and throw away any drbis, mop and squeegee to remove excess water)


Can you use the same bowls for the same animals 2 days in a row?

No, since we collect empty bowls after feeding time, we need to wash them before putting them back in with pet to prevent spread of disease that may have been picked up when bowl was outside of enclosure


After cleaning, be sure to put pet back into the same enclosure



How do you make the following:

Soap water:
Bleach water:
Mop water:
Utensil wash water:
Utensil rinse water:

Soap water: 1 tsp laundry soap + 1 quart water
Bleach water: 3 ml bleach + 1 quart water
Mop water: 2 oz Clorox + 1/8 cup laundry detergent +water
Utensil wash water: see previous
Utensil rinse water: see previous