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What 4 viruses does DA2PP vx protect against? Can they all cause death? Are there different versions of the vx made by different companies?

Distemper, adenovirus A2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus




Symptoms of distemper? Is it widespread or rare?

Coughing, seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea

Widespread, all dogs will be exposed during their lifetime


Main evidence of canine adenovirus type-2 (CAV-2)?

Mainly respiratory, evidenced by tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and pharyngitis (remember: TBPP)


CAV-2 is one of the causes of what common illness?

Infectious tracheobronchitis (ITB), often labeled kennel cough


What is CAV-2 closely related to? Does the DA2PP vx protect against it?

CAV-1, which is more serious than CAV-2 and causes infectious canine hepatitis

Yes, The DA2PP vx contains a modified CAV-2 virus, and this prevents infectious canine hepatitis because CAV-2 is similar enough to CAV-1 that the vx creates immunity for both


Why is it good that we don’t give a CAV-1 vx?

It is more likely to cause side effects than the CAV-2 vx in the DA2PP


What body part does parainfluenza affect? What illness can it lead to?

Lungs and throat, viral pneumonia


What symptoms does parvovirus cause?

Bloody diarrhea, fever, vomiting, extreme depression, loss of appetite


How is Parvo transmitted?

By direct contact with an infected dog’s feces or vomitus


Why is Parvo especially problematic?

It can live outside the host for years

Many infected puppies will die from this disease even with proper treatment


What are the 3 names for kennel cough?

Canine cough
Infectious trachiobronchitis (ITB)


What is kennel cough?

An upper respiratory infection causing a persistent, dry, hacking cough


How long may kennel cough last?

Several weeks

It is highly contagious to other dogs


What pets are more likely to come down with kennel cough?

Those that are stressed


Rabies attacks what part of the body, and what animals?

The nervous system, all warm-blooded animals


Common signs of rabies?

Various changes in behavior, seizures, paralysis, and death


Where in Texas is rabies prevalent in wild animals?

Central Texas


Is there a cure for rabies?

No, vx is the only protection


Why do we recommend rabies vx annually?

Even though the state of Texas only requires it every 3 years in our area, it changes frequently bc it’s a political decision


What do intestinal parasites cause in large numbers?

Intestinal blockages, bloody diarrhea, and premature death


How old can the fecal sample be to be run?

It must be less than 12 hours old


How old must a dog be to get a heartworm test?

6 months of age or older


What is the doctor looking for in a heartworm test?

Circulating baby heartworms in the blood or, more commonly, chemical evidence of past exposure to heartworms


What kinds of dogs is the Lymes vx given to?

Dogs living out in the country, or visiting the country, or hunting dogs


what is leptospirosis spread by?

Possums, squirrels, and backyard wildlife


What kinds of dogs is the rattlesnake vx used for?

Mainly hunting dogs


What other things does a 4Dx prevent against besides heartworms?

Erlichia, Lymes, and Anaplasmosis


What are appointments for puppies under 6 weeks for?

Just physical examination, vx wouldn’t work because they’re still covered by mother’s immunity


Which animals may respond poorly to vaccinations?

Underweight, pregnant, stressed, infested with parasites, or suffering from other illnesses


Why do we give puppy vx in a series?

Bc it takes time to build up immunity. We revaccinate as the puppy and the immune system mature


What intervals are puppy vx given?

2-4 week intervals, most commonly 3 week intervals

Preferable between 7-9 weeks of age, 10-12 weeks of age, and 13-16 weeks of age


When should the rabies vx be given?

After 12 weeks of age, bc that’s when a puppy should be able to get full immunity from the vx

Note: doctor may choose to wait if puppy is very small


What is the canine vx schedule?

6 weeks: DA2PP #1 (this should be a recombinant vx!), deworming, puppy heartgard and frontline, or revolution

9 weeks: DA2PP #2, Bord #1 (intranasal/oral), second deworming, and next dose of prevention

12 weeks: DA2PP #3, Bord #2 (SQ), rabies, next dose of prevention

16 weeks: DA2PP #4 (this last one needs to be given over the age of 16 weeks), fecal to make sure all parasites are gone


2 ways to write bordatella vx in record?

Bord (sq) or Bord (oral)


If O waits more than _____ weeks between vaccines, then he’ll have to start all over again

8 weeks


If a dog is under _____ weeks old then it needs the puppy recombinant DA2PP?

10 weeks (therefore the second DA2PP if given at 9 weeks will be a recombinant vx too)


When does a puppy legally have to have its rabies vx by?

4 months old


When does lepto start?

15-16 weeks old, last lepto vx exam is no charge if lepto only


In the charges, puppy DA2PP vaccine comes up as what? Adult (nonrecombinant) vx comes up as what?

Puppy: DA2PP #1 or #2

Adult: DA2PP #3 or #4 or A (never use #5!)


With breeder-given vaccines, if they were given over 2 weeks ago what happens? If given less than 2 weeks ago?

Vx are due anyways

Vx will need to be repeated bc we’re not sure how the breeds gave or stores the vaccines or how they were shipped, etc