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When should pets be spayed or neutered?

Between 3-6 mo old unless owner wants to breed pet


Benefits of spaying?

Reduction of mammary tumors
Reduction of pyometra (a serious uterine infection)
Reduction of certain other cancers and certain undesirable behaviors


Benefits of neutering?

Reduction of testicular disease
Reduction of prostrate problems and cancer
Reduction of certain undesirable behaviors


How much do energy needs decrease after spaying or neutering?



How much more likely are spayed or neutered dogs to become obese if the diet is not regulated IMMEDIATELY after surgery?

3-4 times more likely


How much should owners reduce the amount of food being fed after spaying or neutering a pet?

By 25%


Food and water protocol for surgery

No food the night before or morning of

No water the morning of


When can a cat or dog go home the next day after a spay?

After 10 am (but call before to make sure cat can go home)


Swimming or baths after a spay, neuter, or declaw (not dental)?

No, not until the stitches are removed or 14 days passes (whichever comes first)


When is the no charge suture removal done for spays, declaws (if needed), dentals (if teeth were extracted), and dog neuters? What about cat neuters?

14 days after surgery

Cat neuters don’t need sutures, but the doctor should still examine the surgery site about 10-14 days after surgery


What is normal for a cat or dog spay, dog neuter, or cat declaw incision site? What is not? Tips?

Small amounts of drainage for the first 2 days post op

Excessive draining, and increase in inflammation, or bright red blood is not normal!

Make sure edges stay together and discourage licking!


What is normal after an endotracheal tube placement? What is the tube used for?

Mild tracheal irritation or coughing for 2-3 days

To minimize risk and administer gas anesthesia properly


How long should you keep a dog from jumping and rough housing with kids after a spay or neuter (or a cat after a neuter)?

For 7 days post surgery


When does a pet go home after a neuter or dental?

Same day, after 5 pm


Bathing and swimming okay after dental?

Yes, as long as the pet is fully recovered from the surgery and anesthesia


What special instructions are given for pets that had tooth extractions?



When should a no charge dental recheck be scheduled?

14-21 days post dental


When can a cat go home after a declaw?

Cat will be hospitalized for 3 days and 2 nights, minimum. Can go home after 10 am on the day of release.


What should a cat go home with after a declaw?

A bag of Yesterday’s News brand cat litter to be used for the next 2 weeks