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Physical Activity

- Exercise benefits our physical health


McCan and Holmes (1984)

- Conducted a study with midly depressed female students
- Placed into 3 groups: no treatment, relaxation and exercise
- Post 10 weeks: - both treatment groups improved, exercise group made better gains


Physical Activity and Emotion

- Exercise helps to alter mood
- Can decrease depression and anxiety
- Used as an alternative to drug therapy


Salman (2001)

- Exercise is as effective as drugs


Tiffany Field and Colleagues ( 2001 )

- Exercise in students leads to less depression, better relos, less drug use and better academic grades


Meyer (2004)

- Exercise strengthens heart, increases blood flow, lower BP and BP reaction to stress
- Increase production of mood boosting neurotransmitters



- Have substantial effects on behaviour, emotion and thoughts



- Mild hallucinogen
- Changes perception
- Vivid images not related to sensory output

- Physiological effects: increased HR, bloodshot eyes, reduced concentration

- Psychological effects: Reduce inhibitions, increases sensitivity to sounds, colours, tastes and smells



- Depressant
- Physical effects: distorted vision, hearing and co-ordination, impaired judgement, affects motor control

- Psychological effects: Dis inhibition, reduces feelings of self consciousness, promotes relaxation



- Stimulant
- Physiological effects: dehydration, increase in body temp, increase in blood pressure

- Psychological effects: heightened emotions, feelings of connectedness


Case Study: Anna Woods

- born 1980, died 1995
- Australian girl that died due to 1 ecstacy tablet
- Water intoxication and swelling of the brain


Anti Anxiety Drugs

- Valium
- Reduce the activty of CNS
- Helps with reducing peoples anxiety

- Two types: noradrenaline and Seratonin which are limited in a depressed person
- inhibits an enzyme which blocks the re-absorbtion of noradrenaline and seratonin

- Side effects: weight gain, dizzy spells, effects can last up to a month


Anti Psychotic Drugs

- Plays an important role in the treatment of people with mental health issues

- Two types: Works by reducing down responses to irrelevant stimuli, people with schiz take this to reduce paranoia
- Works through an awakening effect. People with negative symptoms such as apathy and withdrawal